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Cadillac Escalade Remote Start Not Working: Causes And Solutions

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Cadillac Escalade Remote Start Not Working

The remote start feature on your Cadillac Escalade offers vehicle owners convenience, comfort, and functionality. But numerous Cadillac Escalade owners have experienced the frustration of a non-functioning remote start. This is caused by some abnormalities in the remote or in your car. 

So why is the Cadillac Escalade remote start not working? Several possible causes hamper this remote start function, including

  • Key Fob Battery
  • Remote Start Settings
  • Key Fob Not In Range
  • Too Many Remote Start Attempts
  • Vehicle Status Requirements
  • Vehicle Not in ‘Park’
  • Second-Car Mode

This article will explore some common causes and provide solutions to help you troubleshoot and resolve remote start problems with your Cadillac Escalade.

Why Does The Cadillac Escalade Remote Start Not Working? Causes and Solutions

Why Does The Cadillac Escalade Remote Start Not Working

There are several reasons why the remote start feature on a Cadillac Escalade won’t work. Here are the possible causes:

1. Dead Battery in the Key Fob

If the battery is low, it cannot send a strong enough signal to start the vehicle remotely.


  • Replace the battery in the key fob with a fresh one.
  • Additionally, ensure your vehicle’s battery is in good condition, as a weak or discharged battery hinders the remote start system.

2. Improper Starting Procedure

The remote start procedure requires specific steps to activate. Failing to follow the correct starting procedure results in the remote start not working.


  • Ensure you are following the proper starting procedure. Press the lock button on the key fob (usually represented by a padlock symbol). Within a few seconds, press and hold the remote start button (typically a circular arrow or remote start symbol). Hold the button until the vehicle’s engine starts.

3. Vehicle Not in ‘Park’

The Cadillac Escalade requires the vehicle to be in the ‘Park’ position for the remote start to function. If you try to initiate remote start while the vehicle is in any other gear, such as ‘Drive’ or ‘Neutral,’ it will not work.


  • Confirm that the gear selector is in the ‘Park’ position before using remote start. The system will not activate if the vehicle is not in the correct gear

4. Key Fob Not In Range

Remote start typically has a limited range. Your ability to initiate your vehicle remotely will be limited to the range of your factory remote, typically approximately 100 feet. Though the Cadillac escalade key fob is remote, it will function effectively within a range of 10-50 feet away from the vehicle. The range of a remote start key fob depends on the location, obstructions, and remote start device.

Key Fob Not In Range


  • Ensure you are within the specified range (10 to 50 feet away) when trying to start the vehicle remotely. Being too far away prevents the signal from reaching the vehicle.

5. Too Many Remote Start Attempts

Several consecutive remote start attempts without success, make the system temporarily disable the feature as a security measure. 


  • Wait for a few minutes and then try again. This cooldown period allows the system to reset and resume normal operation.

6. Verify The Vehicle’s Status

Certain conditions must be met for the remote start to work correctly, such as closed doors, latched hood/trunk/fuel door, and proper gear selection. 


  • Ensure that your Escalade is in a proper state for remote start. For example, the doors should be closed, and the hood, trunk, and fuel door should be properly latched. 
  • Additionally, the vehicle needs to be in park or neutral, with the brake engaged.

7. Consider Environmental Factors

Extreme temperatures, such as extremely cold or hot weather affect the remote start system. 

Cadillac Escalade Remote Consider Environmental Factors


  • Programmed the system to disable remote start to protect the vehicle. 
  • Check your owner’s manual for information on any limitations related to temperature. If your car’s coolant temperature or oil pressure is too high or too low, the remote restart system will not work. Before attempting to start the car again, let it cool down for a while and check the levels again.

8. Coolant and Oil Levels

Some vehicles require specific coolant and oil levels to be met in order for the remote start feature to work. The system prevents the remote start from functioning if the levels are low or outside the recommended range.


9. Second-Car Mode

In some cases, if your key fob is programmed to be used with multiple vehicles, it defaults to second-car mode. This mode restricts certain functions, including remote start, to prevent vehicle interference.


  • Ensure that your key fob is in first-car mode, specifically programmed for your Cadillac Escalade.
  • Contact a Cadillac dealership for guidance on how to switch the key fob to first-car mode.

10. Valet Mode

Vehicles placed in valet mode disable certain features, including remote start. Valet mode is typically activated using a specific key fob sequence or through the vehicle settings.

Cadillac Escalade Remote Valet Mode


  • Check if your Cadillac Escalade is in valet mode. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for instructions on how to disable valet mode and regain access to remote start functionality. Here are the steps to disable the valet mode
  • Hold the remote’s lock and trunk buttons down for 2 seconds.
  • Put your finger off the buttons and keep your finger on the lock for an extra two seconds.
  • Once valet mode has been turned off, there will be a double flash of the parking lights.

11. Vehicle Theft Deterrent Malfunction

A malfunction in the vehicle’s theft deterrent system results in the remote start not working. This security feature is designed to prevent unauthorized access and starting of the vehicle. If the system detects an anomaly or believes an unauthorized entry attempt has been made, it may disable the remote start functionality.


  • Consult a Cadillac dealership or a qualified automotive locksmith to diagnose and rectify the issue with the theft deterrent system

12. Faulty or Missing Hood Pin Switch

 The hood pin switch is responsible for detecting if the hood is open or closed. If the switch is faulty or missing, the remote start feature will be disabled as a safety precaution.

Cadillac Escalade Faulty or Missing Hood Pin Switch


  • Ensure the hood pin switch located near the hood latch is properly connected and not damaged. 
  •  Consult a professional to replace the faulty switch or install a new one. Remember, safety is paramount, and bypassing this switch is not recommended.

13. Check Engine Light is On

One possible reason for a non-functional remote start is the presence of a check engine light. The remote start system is designed to disable itself if the vehicle’s engine detects any issues. This safety measure helps prevent further damage and alerts the driver to attend to the problem.


  •  If your check engine light is on, it is advisable to have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired by a certified mechanic.

How To Use Remote Start On Cadillac Escalade?

How To Use Remote Start On Cadillac Escalade

Here’s a guide on how to start a Cadillac Escalade remotely followed by some gradual process. 

  1. Ensure that you have the key fob for your Cadillac Escalade with the remote start feature. This key fob usually has a button with a circular arrow or a remote start symbol.
  2. Make sure that your Cadillac Escalade is in a safe and well-ventilated area, away from any obstacles or people. 
  3. Also, your fob range should be within the appropriate range of 10-50 feet of your Cadillac Escalade. 
  4. Press and release the lock button on your key fob. This button is usually represented by a padlock symbol. The vehicle’s lights will flash to indicate that it has received the signal.
  5. Press and hold the remote start button on the key fob within 5-10 seconds, which is usually a circular arrow or remote start symbol. Hold the button down until the vehicle’s engine starts.
  6. Once the engine has started, the vehicle’s lights flash again, and the parking lights or tail lights remain on. This is normal and indicates that the remote start has been successfully activated.
  7. If you want to stop the engine remotely, press and hold the remote start button on your key fob for about two seconds. The engine will shut off, and the lights will turn off.
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Here are some other frequently asked questions to aid your understanding.

Q: Can I reset my Cadillac Escalade remote start system?

Yes. While specific reset procedures may vary, you can typically reset the system by locating the control module and pressing and holding the reset button or switch.

Q: What if my Cadillac Escalade is in ‘Park,’ but remote start still doesn’t work?

Check for any other potential issues, such as a faulty remote start module or receiver. It’s best to consult a qualified technician for diagnosis and repair.

Q: Why Is My Remote Start Not Working After Key Fob Battery Change

It could be indicative of excessively high coolant temperature or insufficient oil pressure within your vehicle. The key fob needs reprogramming and System synchronization.

Final Words

Experiencing issues with the remote start functionality of your Cadillac Escalade is frustrating. But understanding the common causes and troubleshooting steps helps you restore convenience and comfort. Whether it’s a check engine light, a faulty hood pin switch, a malfunctioning theft deterrent system, or battery-related problems, this article has covered it all.

Remember to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific instructions and seek professional assistance if needed. When functioning correctly, remote start adds a level of convenience and comfort to your Cadillac Escalade experience, making your daily routine more enjoyable.

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