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Chevy Malibu Remote Start Not Working: Causes and What to Do 

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Chevy Malibu Remote Start Not Working

Remote start technology has revolutionized vehicle ownership, offering convenience and comfort by allowing cars to be started remotely, including Chevy Malibu. However, Chevy Malibu owners may encounter issues with their remote start systems, causing frustration and confusion.

So what to do when the Chevy Malibu remote start doesn’t work? First, make sure the essential key fob battery is charged and that the remote start function is turned on in the car’s settings. Ensure there are no vehicle-related concerns, such as low gasoline, a broken hood latch, or a security system issue. 

Let’s discuss Chevy Malibu remote start problems, providing valuable insights and practical solutions. Let’s investigate the remote start failure reasons and troubleshooting.

Table: Summary Reasons For Malibu Remote Start Not Working

Reasons For Malibu Remote Start Not Working

Before we jump into details, here’s a table of the common problems.

Battery-related issuesWeak or drained batteryTesting the battery voltage
Faulty battery connectionsCharging or replacing the battery if necessary
Remote control problemsA dead or low battery in the remote controlReplacing the remote control battery
Malfunctioning remote controlReprogramming the remote control
Vehicle-related issuesEngine immobilizer systemEngine immobilizer system troubleshooting
Faulty ignition switchIgnition switch inspection and repair
Malfunctioning keyless entry systemKeyless entry system diagnosis and repair

Malibu Remote Start Not Working: Reasons 

Malibu Remote Start Not Working

There can be many reasons for your Chevy Malibu remote start system to malfunction. Let’s discuss the major ones. 

Battery-related issues

  • Weak or drained battery: The remote start system may be unable to operate effectively due to a low or failed battery. Insufficient power may inhibit the vehicle’s electronics from receiving the necessary signals to start the engine remotely.
  • Faulty battery connections: The electrical flow can be disrupted by loose or corroded battery connections. The battery connections must be tidy, tightly sealed, and linked securely.

Remote control problems

  • A dead or low battery in the key fob: If the key fob’s battery is dead or low, it may not transmit a strong enough signal to activate the remote start system. 
  • Malfunctioning remote control: The key fob itself could occasionally be broken or defective. This can prevent it from sending the necessary signals to start the vehicle remotely, requiring a replacement or repair.

Vehicle-related issues

  • Engine immobilizer system: The engine immobilizer system is intended to stop unlawful vehicle starting. However, the capability of remote starting may be compromised if the immobilizer is defective or does not detect the remote start instruction.
  • Faulty ignition switch: A malfunctioning ignition switch can disrupt the communication between the remote start system and the vehicle’s electronics. This can make it impossible for the remote start command to function correctly.
  • Malfunctioning keyless entry system: There might be problems or programming mistakes with the keyless entry system, which is directly related to the remote start system. The remote start feature may be affected by several problems.

Effective troubleshooting requires locating and comprehending the possible causes of remote start failure in the Chevy Malibu. 

Troubleshooting Steps for Chevy Malibu Remote Start

Troubleshooting Steps for Chevy Malibu Remote Start

Let’s look at some troubleshooting steps for Chevy Malibu remote start when it’s not working: 

Checking the battery

  • Testing the battery voltage: Measure the voltage of the car’s battery with a multimeter. Make sure it is fully charged for the remote start system to work.
  • Charging or replacing the battery if necessary: Use a battery charger to recharge the battery if it has a low voltage. If the battery is worn out or damaged, you might want to get a new one.

Verifying remote control functionality

  • Replacing the remote control battery: To guarantee the best signal transmission, swap out the remote control’s battery with a fresh one.
  • Reprogramming the remote control: Follow the vehicle’s owner’s manual instructions to reprogram the remote control. As a programming error can cause remote start issues.

Inspecting vehicle-related components

  • Engine immobilizer system troubleshooting: Verify the immobilizer system’s proper operation. If necessary, follow the instructions in the owner’s handbook to reset or reprogram the system.
  • Ignition switch inspection and repair: Check the ignition switch for any damage or malfunction indicators. Have a trained technician examine and fix it if necessary.
  • Keyless entry system diagnosis and repair: For troubleshooting instructions, if the keyless entry system isn’t working properly, go to the owner’s handbook. Ask a professional to diagnose and fix the keyless entry system if the problem continues.

Common DIY Solutions for Remote Start Issues

Common DIY Solutions for Remote Start Issues

Let’s see some battery-related DIY solutions that you can utilize when your remote start is not working: 

Jump-starting the vehicle

If the battery is completely drained, you can try jump-starting the vehicle using jumper cables and another vehicle with a functional battery. 

To jump-start a car:

  • Position the two cars close together.
  • Connect the red jumper cable to the positive battery terminals and the black jumper cable to a grounded metal surface.
  • Start the working car, then the dead car.
  • Disconnect the cables in reverse order.
  • Let the dead car run and recharge the battery.
If you’re experiencing remote start issues with your Chevy Malibu, you may also find our article on the benefits of a professional cooling system flush for your car helpful. This article explains the advantages of having a cooling system flush performed by a professional to maintain the health and performance of your vehicle’s cooling system. Additionally, if you’re curious about the reasons behind red coolant in your car, you can check out our article on why coolant might appear red for further insights.


Now we shall answer some relevant questions regarding your Chevy Malibu remote start not working: 

Can extreme weather conditions affect the performance of the remote start system?

Extreme weather, like very cold or hot temperatures, can impact the performance of remote start technology. It may not work as well during these conditions. Battery performance may be impacted by low temperatures, while electronic components may overheat in hot temperatures. 

What should I do if my Chevy Malibu remote start problem is not fixed by any of the troubleshooting techniques?

It is advised to speak with a licensed Chevrolet technician if the remote start problem continues even after performing the basic troubleshooting methods. They are equipped with the knowledge and know-how to identify and resolve complicated problems with your Chevy Malibu’s remote start system. 

Why does the remote start system shut off immediately after starting the engine?

The remote start system is designed to shut off if certain conditions are not met, such as the vehicle being tampered with or a safety feature being activated. Additionally, the machine could turn off automatically if the remote start duration is set to a little time frame. 


The remote start technology on the Chevy Malibu provides comfort and convenience by enabling owners to start their cars from a distance. However, it might be annoying if the remote start mechanism breaks down.

You can resolve remote start issues and guarantee a smooth driving experience with little effort. All you need is to know how the remote start technology operates, solve typical problems, and recognize when to seek professional aid.

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