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Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Not Working – Here Is What You Should Do

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Not Working

If you drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you probably frequently use the remote. And if you are aware of its potential problems and solutions, you probably have faced its remote start issues which stop accessing your Jeep.

So you wonder, why does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Not Working? There are many causes, including remote problems, cold weather, low fuel, low tire pressure, and coolant problems. But you can try to fix the problem on your own; the solution has also been provided. 

If it seems difficult, better seek help from an expert. However, you won’t require any large, expensive professional tools to fix the issue. Use the manual provided by instruction for guidance.

Why Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Not Working?

Why Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Not Working

There are numerous reasons why your Jeep Grand Cherokee remote may not be functioning. The most frequent reasons are discussed in this section. 

1. Battery Issues

The number one issue with this problem is the remote battery. When the battery dies or becomes weak, the remote stops responding quickly. This is primarily due to the fact that we do not routinely inspect batteries. 

Furthermore, when we overuse the remote, the battery drains quickly, and the remote eventually stops sending signals to its receiver due to a lack of power.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Not Working

2. The Remote Starter Switch is Disabled

Some cars have a feature that lets the remote start be turned on or off. It will be impossible for the remote start to function if the remote start switch is off or disabled.

3. Incorrect Programming of Remote Start

Often, specific programming is needed for remote start systems to function correctly with the vehicle. Incorrect programming could prevent the remote start system from successfully starting the car. 

4. Key Fob Problem

The remote start feature might not function if the key fob has an issue, such as damage or a malfunction.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Problem

5. Vehicle not in the Park

The car must be in Park mode for the remote to start to function. When the gear is not in the Park, the remote control will not work, and the manufacturer set this on purpose to avoid an accident.

6. Freezing Weather

The failure of the remote control may be caused by freezing weather. That’s because the fuel line and engine oil can easily freeze when the temperature is too low. In this case, the fuel won’t reach the engine because the remote control appears to be inoperative.

7. Low Fuel Level

A low fuel level may prevent a vehicle remote from starting. Fuel pumps can’t draw fuel from tanks when the fuel level is very low, which prevents the car from starting. When the fuel level is low, a feature of the remote prevents it from functioning. 

The goal is to keep the fuel pump from running out of fuel, which could harm the pump.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Low Fuel Level

8. Tire Pressure and Coolant Problems

Typically, the function of remotes does not directly depend on the tire or coolant. However, some contemporary cars have sophisticated diagnostic tools that spot issues like low coolant or tire pressure. 

In that case, the vehicle’s diagnostic system may disable the remote start functionality if it discovers a serious problem with tire pressure or coolant.

9. Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Disable Jeep Remote Start

In Jeep vehicles, the engine light (also known as the malfunction indicator lamp, or MIL) can be turned off for safety reasons. The remote start feature is turned off to prevent the vehicle from starting and potentially aggravating any issues with the engine or emissions system. This problem could cause more damage or dangerous circumstances.  

10. Valet Mode

It’s possible that the car is in valet mode if the remote start on your Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t working and the MIL is turned off. Some vehicles, including specific Jeep models, have valet mode as a security feature. It limits some operations to safeguard the owner’s possessions or stop unauthorized use. Features like remote start and trunk access can be turned off in this mode.

How To Solve This Issue?

How To Solve This Issue

Here are a few straightforward fixes for the problems that prevent the remote start on a Jeep Grand Cherokee from working. 

1. Check Remote Routinely

You must check each part of the remote because different parts can cause problems.

  • For Battery: If the battery is damaged or becomes weak, simply change it with a new pair. Make sure they are connected and properly seated as well.
  • For The Remote Starter Switch is Disabled: Locate the remote start switch first. And then turn on the remote starting in the infotainment system or settings of the car.
  • For Incorrect Programming of Remote Start: Reset the system programming following the given manual. If you think it’s difficult for you, ask for assistance from professionals.
  • For key fob: If it is damaged, replace it with a new key fob. Simply unscrew the remote, remove the old fob, and replace it.

2. Park your vehicle

Before attempting to use the remote start feature, make sure the car is in the “Park” position. Otherwise, it won’t work.

3. Restart manually in cold weather

If the remote start isn’t working in cold weather, try parking the car somewhere warmer. However, there are other options, such as manually starting it and letting it run for a while before getting in the car.

4. Level up the fuel

Make sure your car’s fuel level is above the minimum level needed for the remote start feature. If it’s not at an optimal level, refuel the vehicle.

5. Inflate the tire and raise the coolant level

Use a tire pressure gauge to check the tire pressure. After that, compare it to the recommended pressure in the manual. To get the right tire pressure, you should either inflate or deflate the tires as necessary. 

When the engine is cold, check the coolant level in the reservoir. If the coolant level falls below the recommended level, add the appropriate coolant mixture. For the proper coolant to use, consult a professional.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Inflate the tire and raise the coolant level

6. Restoring the functionality of the MIL

Advanced diagnostic equipment and knowledge were required to get the MIL back to working order. So it is best to speak with a professional who is knowledgeable about vehicle MIL issues. 

7. Consult a professional to assist with valet mode

The solution involves using a combination of key fob buttons or entering a code. Without prior knowledge, this is difficult to repair at home.  If help is required, speak with a qualified technician or the Jeep dealership.

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Here are a few more queries and responses related to problems with the remote start on the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Q: How to reset the remote start on my Jeep Cherokee?

Resetting the remote in a jeep grand cherokee is quite simple. Here is what you should do in order to reset the remote. 
Locate the remote start key fob. Although there will be other buttons, you can only restart using the “Remote start” button. Now, press and hold the “Remote Start” button for about four to five seconds. By doing this, the remote start feature should be reset. Now verify the remote reset by testing it. 
Stand at a reasonable distance from the vehicle and press the “Remote Start” button on the key fob. The vehicle should start remotely.

Q: How much does a new remote for a Grand Cherokee Jeep cost?

The price of a replacement remote for a Jeep Cherokee can differ depending on a number of variables, including the model year and features. A genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) remote control for a Jeep Cherokee can cost anywhere between $50 and $200 on average. 
However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there might be additional costs, like having the remote programmed to work with your vehicle.

Q: Where can your Jeep Grand Cherokee remote be repaired?

You can get your Jeep Grand Cherokee remote fixed at authorized Jeep dealerships. There, they have the knowledge and resources to identify and fix remote-related problems. 
A professional automotive locksmith who specialises in remote repairs and programming can also be contacted as an alternative. 

Final Word

The causes and solutions for Jeep Grand Cherokee remote start not workingshould now be clear to you. In conclusion, there are a number of potential factors to take into account when having problems with the remote start feature in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Checking the remote’s battery, ensuring the vehicle is in the park, verifying the fuel level, and addressing any key fob problems can help resolve the problem. Hopefully, the recommended troubleshooting steps will work. If you are unable to repair the problem, contact a certified Jeep dealership or a professional automotive technician for assistance.

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