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Why Is My Mazda Remote Start Not Working? Causes And Solutions To This Problem

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Mazda Remote Start Not Working

Having the convenience of a remote start system in your Mazda can be a game-changer, allowing you to warm up or cool down your car before getting inside. However, there may be times when you encounter issues with your Mazda remote start not working. 

But why is your Mazda remote start not working? Well, it can happen due to the following reasons:

  • Dead key fob batteries
  • Telematics communication unit system requiring software updates
  • Excessive remote start requests
  • App bugs
  • The key fob is in battery-saving mode
  • Expired Connected Services subscription
  • Improper starting procedures
  • Activated safety inputs

Read on to understand the possible reasons behind this problem and the effective solutions to diagnose and resolve it.

Why Is My Mazda Remote Start Not Working?

When your Mazda remote start fails to function, there can be several underlying reasons causing the issue, as I mentioned already. Here is a detailed explanation and solutions to them.

Why Is My Mazda Remote Start Not Working

1. Dead Key Fob Batteries

One of the most common reasons for a Mazda remote start not functioning properly is due to dead or low batteries in your key fob. The remote start system relies on the key fob to send signals to your vehicle; if the battery is weak or drained, it won’t communicate effectively.

Mazda Dead Key Fob Batteries


Replacing your key fob batteries should resolve this issue. However, if you are stranded and cannot replace the batteries at the moment, follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Position the key fob as close as possible to the push start button in your Mazda.

Step 2: Keep an eye on the push start button. The button should start flashing green after holding the key fob near it. This indicates that the key fob’s signal is being detected.

Step 3: Pay attention to the flashing green light as you continue to hold the key fob near the push start button. It should transition into a steady, solid green light.

Step 4: Press the button firmly to start your Mazda once the green light on the push start button becomes solid. The engine should ignite, allowing you to operate the vehicle normally.

This is a special case for Mazda. To understand it visually, you can watch the following video. 

2. Telematics Communication Unit (TCU) System Needs a Software Update

In some cases, the Telematics communication unit system in your Mazda may require a software update to ensure the proper functionality of the remote start feature. Updates can improve the system’s performance and address any bugs or glitches that might be causing the remote start to malfunction.


To resolve this issue, you should contact your dealership. They will have the right software patches to update your TCU system.

3. Too Many Remote Start Requests

Mazda vehicles are designed with a safety feature that prevents excessive use of the remote start system. If you have made several remote start requests within a 60-second period, your Mazda may disable the feature temporarily to protect the battery and prevent overuse.

Also, you can only use remote start a maximum of two consecutive times without actually driving. 

Mazda Too Many Remote Start Requests


You will have to start your Mazda with the physical key and drive the car at least one mile. After driving, the remote counter will reset. Alternatively, you can wait 24 hours for the count reset to activate.

4. App Bugs

If you are using a mobile app to control your Mazda’s remote start system, it’s possible that the app itself has bugs or compatibility issues. Sometimes, updates to the app can introduce new bugs that affect the remote start functionality. 

Mazda App


Checking for app updates in either the Apple Store or Google Store. If this does not work, you should clear the cache of the MyMazda app. If it doesn’t solve the problem, you will have to uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone. Make sure to restart your phone after uninstalling the app first.

5. Your Key Fob Is in Battery Saving Mode

To conserve battery life, Mazda key fobs have a battery-saving mode. When the key fob is in this mode, some features, including the remote start, may be disabled. This mode is usually activated when the key fob has not been used for an extended period or when you accidentally activate it.


You will have to remove your key fob from battery-saving mode. To remove it, press the lock button four times consecutively till the red light above it appears. 

Then press and hold the lock button one more time. Your key fob should now be off battery-saving mode. Here is a video showing you how to do it.

6. Your Connected Services Subscription Expired

Some Mazda vehicles, since 2021, offer Mazda Connected Services within the MyMazda app. It lets you control various features remotely, including the remote start function. 

However, this feature is only free for 2-3 years. After the free period, you will have to pay $10 per month or $65 per year to access this service. If your subscription to these services has expired, the remote start feature may be disabled. 


Check your subscription status and renew it if necessary to restore the remote start functionality.

7. Improper Starting Procedure

Following the correct starting procedure when using the remote start feature is a must. Failing to follow the proper procedure may result in the remote start not working.

Mazda Remote Improper Starting Procedure


If you are using a key fob, you will have to press the lock button on the key fob three times in quick succession to initiate remote start. Alternatively, if you are using the MyMazda app, on the home screen, hold the start button to remote start your vehicle.

On the other hand, you have to be in the range while using the key fob, like in between 100 to 150 feet. 

8. Safety Input Is Activated

Mazda vehicles have safety features that can disable the remote start if certain conditions are unmet. For instance, if the hood is open, the remote start may not function to prevent accidental starting of the vehicle. 

Mazda Safety Input Is Activated


Checking for any safety inputs that might be activated and ensuring all necessary conditions are met can help resolve this issue. These conditions include ensuring your hood and trunk are closed. Also, ensure your brake pedals are not depressed.

How To Troubleshoot Mazda Remote Start Not Working

How To Troubleshoot Mazda Remote Start Not Working

If you’re facing issues with your Mazda remote start, here are some steps you can take to diagnose and potentially resolve the problem:

Step 1: Disconnect and reconnect the battery

Sometimes, a simple reset of the vehicle’s electrical system can resolve remote start issues. Start by disconnecting the battery’s negative terminal for a few minutes, then reconnect it and check if the remote start functionality is restored.

Step 2: Reset the remote start system

Follow these procedures to reset your Mazda’s remote start system: For around 60 seconds, press and hold the lock and open buttons on your key fob. If the reset is successful, it should restore the functionality of the remote start system.

Step 3: Ground the receiver wire

To ground the receiver wire in your Mazda, locate the wire connected to the remote start system or telematics communication unit. Strip a small portion of insulation from the wire’s end and identify a clean, unpainted metal surface or bolt on the vehicle’s chassis as a suitable grounding point.

Securely attach the stripped wire to the grounding point using a self-tapping screw or grounding clamp. Once the grounding is complete, reassemble any disassembled components, reconnect the negative battery terminal, and test the remote start functionality. 

Step 4: Sync your transmitter

There is an alternative approach to synchronizing your transmitter with the security system if you do not want to ground the receiver wire. Begin by turning on and off your car eight times in 10 seconds. This operation will activate the security system’s programming mode. 

Sync your transmitter

When your transmitter is in programming mode, push a button to synchronize it with the security system. This procedure can be repeated for up to four transmitters. Finally, turn off the ignition and test the functionality of your transmitters to confirm they are operational.

If your Mazda’s remote start is not functioning as expected, you’re not alone in facing this challenging issue. Similar remote start problems might also arise in other models, such as Lincoln vehicles and Lexus vehicles, both of which could also encounter difficulties with their remote start functionality. For Lincoln vehicle owners grappling with remote start problems, our article on Lincoln remote start not working offers guidance for diagnosing and resolving this specific issue. Additionally, if you’re experiencing remote start problems with a Lexus vehicle, our article on Lexus remote start not working provides insights into addressing this particular concern. By exploring these resources, you’ll be better equipped to address remote start concerns effectively.


Here are a few more related questions you might be interested in regarding the Mazda remote start issues. 

Q1: Can I drive my Mazda normally if the remote start isn’t working?

Yes, you can still drive your Mazda normally, even if the remote start isn’t functioning. Remote start issues usually don’t affect the overall driving capabilities of your vehicle.

Q2: Can I use the remote start feature in my Mazda while it’s parked in a closed garage?

Using the remote start feature in an enclosed space like a closed garage is not recommended due to the risk of carbon monoxide buildup. Always ensure your vehicle is parked in a well-ventilated area when using remote start.

Q3: Can a weak car battery affect remote start functionality?

Yes, a weak car battery can affect remote start functionality. Remote start systems require sufficient battery power to initiate the engine. If your car’s battery is weak, it might not have enough power to support remote start.


Your Mazda remote start not working can be frustrating. Still, by understanding the possible reasons behind the problem and following the diagnostic steps above, you can troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue. Remember to check key fob batteries, update software and apps, and address connectivity or subscription-related concerns. 

If the problem persists, seeking assistance from a Mazda dealership or professional installer can provide further guidance and support. With a functional remote start system, you can continue to enjoy the convenience and comfort it brings to your Mazda ownership experience.

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