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Nissan Kicks Remote Start Not Working – How To Troubleshoot

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Nissan Kicks Remote Start Not Working

When the remote start in your Nissan Kicks stops working, this can alter your comfort with the benefits of remote starting. This can also indicate some other underlying issues. 

So, why is my Nissan Kicks remote start not working? Several issues can cause remote start failure in a Nissan Kicks, including the following;

  • Damaged key fob
  • Low fuel
  • Check engine light
  • Hood latch problems
  • The car battery is low
  • Remote start conditions haven’t been met

Keep reading to learn more about what causes Nissan Kicks remote start to fail and how to troubleshoot and solve the cause of failure.

Why Is My Nissan Kicks Remote Start Not Working?

Nissan Kicks’ remote start failure can happen due to several issues, including the following;

Why Is My Nissan Kicks Remote Start Not Working

1. Range

A Nissan Kicks’ key fob can start your car from up to 200 feet away. Hence, if you attempt to start the car from further than 200 feet, remote start may not work.

2. Unmet remote start conditions

Certain conditions must be met for your Nissan Kicks’ remote start feature to work properly. These remote start conditions include;

  • All doors must be closed properly and locked
  • Gear shift must be in the PARK
  • Ignition should be OFF
  • The hazard lights should be off
  • You should have the remote start feature enabled in the car’s settings
Unmet remote start conditions

3. Key fob battery issues

The key fob depends on a small button cell battery to power its operations. If the key fob’s battery is not installed correctly or depleted, the remote start will not work. 

Signs of key fob battery issues include;

  • Shorter range due to lower signal strength
  • The fob requires several clicks to perform a command
  • The key fob works unreliably and inconsistently

4. If the vehicle alarm is activated

A vehicle alarm is essential because it prevents car theft and vandalism by notifying you whenever someone enters your car illegally. This is why the remote start feature does not work when the car alarm has been activated.

Nissan Kicks vehicle alarm is activated

5. Open hood

For safety, the Nissan Kicks’ remote start doesn’t work while the hood is open. Over time, the hood latch can get damaged, making it hard to close the hood properly. In this case, the remote start will not work until you fix the latch.

The onboard computer depends on the hood latch sensor’s input to determine whether the hood is closed. Remote start will stop working if this sensor gets damaged or starts glitching.

6. Damaged key fob

Exposure to water, extreme heat, or constantly dropping the key fob can damage its internal components. Remote start will not be possible if any of the key’s critical components are faulty.

Damaged key fob

Some signs that indicate the key fob is damaged or failing include;

  • Physical damage, such as dents, cracks, or falling apart
  • Unresponsive, stuck buttons
  • Failure of the key fob’s LED to illuminate

7. Depleted car battery

The car battery provides power to all the electrical and electronic systems in your Nissan Kicks. Hence, you can’t use the remote start feature whenever the battery is drained because the system has no power.

A car battery also provides the electricity needed to create the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine. Therefore, starting the car when the battery is drained is difficult.

Nissan Kicks Depleted car battery

8. Check engine light is on

Whenever the check engine light is illuminated, it means there’s an issue with the engine. Some of the issues that can cause the check engine light to illuminate include;

  • Engine control module failure
  • Transmission issues
  • Engine misfire
  • Damaged gas cap

As a safety feature, the onboard computer prevents any remote starts from working whenever the check engine light is on.

Nissan Kicks Check engine light is on

9. Nissan Connect app problems

Nissan Kicks allows you to use the NissanConnect app for various functions, such as unlocking the car and starting it remotely. Some Nissan Connect issues that can cause remote start failure include;

  • Nissan Connect server failure
  • Poor internet or Wi-Fi signal
  • Phone issues such as lagging due to low storage

How To Troubleshoot Nissan Kicks Remote Start

How To Troubleshoot Nissan Kicks Remote Start

If your Nissan Kicks remote start fails, here’s a guide that will help you figure out and solve the problem;

  1. Ensure you’re within the recommended remote start range of about 200 feet.
  2. Ensure all the remote start conditions are met.
  3. Open the key fob’s battery compartment and check to ensure the battery is oriented correctly. If the battery is depleted, replace it with a new one.
  4. Inspect the key fob for signs of damage. You should replace it if it appears damaged, rusty, or broken.
  5. Check the hood latch for any signs of damage or corrosion; if it’s damaged, get a professional to replace it.
  6. Is the fuel level low? Make sure you top up before using remote start.
  7. Inspect the car battery and tighten any loose connections. Clean the terminals if there’s any dirt build-up. If the car battery is dead, replace the battery.
  8. Measure the voltage level of the battery using a voltmeter. If the voltage is below 12.4 volts, recharge that battery before trying to remote start the car.
  9. If the check engine light is on, contact a mechanic to help you resolve the issue.

How Much Does A Nissan Kicks Remote Start Repair Cost?

The cost of fixing your Nissan Kicks remote start system varies depending on the issue. A brand-new Nissan Kicks remote start key fob costs between $30 and $200, depending on where you buy it, while new key fob batteries cost about $10.

How Much Does A Nissan Kicks Remote Start Repair Cost

New key fobs need to be programmed before you can use them to start your car remotely. You can refer to your car manual for guidance on programming your new key fob. If you ask a professional to program the key fob, that service will cost you about $100.

If your car’s remote start fails because the battery is damaged, a replacement will cost you anywhere between $100 and $200. As for issues related to the check engine light, repairs cost about $300 on average.

If you’re facing issues with the Nissan Kicks’ remote start function, it’s understandable to consider other vehicle options or wonder how their systems compare. For example, Honda Civic owners have a slightly different experience with their remote start features. To understand more about the Honda system, dive into our detailed guide on how to remote start a Honda Civic. On the other hand, if you’re looking to gather information on other common car issues, our article on why a Subaru Outback might not start could be of immense help.


Here are some answers to common questions about the Nissan Kicks remote start function.

Q: Does remote start take long to activate?

If there are no issues with the system, Nissan Kicks’ remote start typically takes about five seconds to start the car.

Q: Do all Nissan Kicks models have remote start capability?

Nissan Kicks is a fairly new Nissan model released in 2016, so all models come with a remote start system installed by the manufacturer.


Several issues can cause your Nissan Kicks’ remote start feature to stop working. These issues include low fuel, a drained car battery, unmet remote start conditions, a faulty key fob, damaged hood latch, among other issues. Remote start also doesn’t work when the check engine light is on.

The issues that cause your Nissan Kicks remote to start to stop working are easy to fix. You can recharge the car battery, replace key fob batteries, or even refill your fuel tank. If you encounter tricky problems like a persistent check engine light, seek a technician’s help.

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