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Tesla Headlight Replacement Cost [Full Breakdown In 2024]

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Tesla Headlight Replacement Cost

Repairing Tesla cars with different parts is expensive. If you own a Tesla yourself, you probably know it already. Replacing the damaged Tesla headlights is among the most expensive parts to repair. So, how much does the Tesla headlight replacement cost

Tesla headlight replacement typically costs $1,000-$1,400 per headlight set. Parts make up the bulk of the cost, with 1-2 hours of labor around $100/hr additional. Aftermarket and salvaged parts can provide 40-50% savings.

Need more information on the cost breakdown? You’re in luck! I’ve explained it in full right below. Read on!

Tesla Headlight Replacement Cost: General Cost Breakdown

Your Tesla headlights are usually made of LEDs. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, LEDs are the new norm of headlights in many other manufacturers as well. 

They can also embody different features, such as adaptive or matrix. These factors affect the cost of replacing your headlights. Let’s dig deeper into their replacement costs! 

Tesla Headlight Replacement Cost

A. Headlight Types and Their Costs

The average cost of a Tesla headlight replacement is $1,000 to $1,400 for every single headlight module (half of the complete set of two headlights). This cost includes the price of labor and parts at a Tesla (or a third-party) service center. 

However, this cost ranges from very low to very high. It is based on whether it’s the bulb/LED module or the entire headlight set. For example, a single LED light (part of a headlight module – not the complete module) module can cost around only $200. But a pair of full headlight sets can cost up to $4000.

Here is an at-a-glance look at the costs of different types of Tesla headlights.

ModelTypeSingle Unit Cost (OEM)Whole Set Of 2 Headlight Modules Cost (OEM)
Model SLED$185 – $400$1000 – $1400
Model SMatrix LED$1500 – $2000$3000 – $4000
Model 3LED$185 – $400$1000 – $1400
Model 3Matrix LED$1500 – $2000$3000 – $4000
Model XLED$185 – $400$1000 – $1400
Model XMatrix LED$1500 – $2000$3000 – $4000
Model YLED$185 – $400$1000 – $1400
Model YMatrix LED$1500 – $2000$3000 – $4000

B. Part vs. Labor Costs

Generally, for Tesla headlight repairs, the part cost is higher than the labor cost. The installation of new LED headlights on a Tesla Model S/3/X/Y usually takes up to two hours.

For a single LED headlight, labor is usually 1-2 hours at ~$100/hr (according to Underground Lighting)

Parts make up the majority of the total replacement cost. Labor is comparatively small but adds hundreds more to the overall cost.

C. Headlight Damage Factors & Cost Variation

Cracks and breakage require a full unit replacement. This calls for repairs likely to be above $1000. Superficial exterior damage may require only lens refurbishment. This may require only around $200 in cost. 

Tesla Headlight Damage Factors

Are There Any Affordable Aftermarket Alternatives to Replacing Tesla Headlights?

Aftermarket replacement headlights made by third parties may cost 20-40% less than OEM Tesla parts. There’s a table comparing these prices:

FeatureOEM HeadlightsAftermarket Headlights (Range)
Price$800 – $2800 (pair)$400 – $1500 (pair)
QualityGuaranteed to be high-quality, directly from TeslaVaries, depends on brand and price point
Fit and FinishPerfect fit and seamless integration with existing Tesla systemsMay require modification or adjustment depending on brand
WarrantyTypically 4 years / 50,000 milesVaries, can be as short as 3 months to as long as a lifetime

Now, if you are looking for an even cheaper way to replace your Tesla headlights, explore some aftermarket refurbished alternatives.

Refurbished headlights are used headlights that have been restored. These are usually sourced from salvage yards, online marketplaces, or independent shops.

What’s The Cost Of My Tesla Headlights Being Damaged Under Warranty?  

What's The Cost Of My Tesla Headlights Being Damaged Under Warranty

Tesla vehicles have a 4-year, 50,000-mile basic vehicle warranty and an 8-year, 100,000+ mile battery+drivetrain warranty. If a headlight fails due to a defect within the applicable coverage period, replacement will be performed free of charge as a warranty repair. No out-of-pocket cost beyond your deductible is required under warranty.

However, accidental physical damage, wear & tear over time, and improper attempted repairs that damage components are excluded from Tesla vehicle warranty policies. In these common scenarios outside Tesla’s liability, owners must pay full parts and labor rates for headlight repairs. This cost can easily exceed $1,000+ per light.

What Are Some Affordable Alternatives To Replacing Tesla Headlights?

The best alternative is to follow Tesla’s official guide on using headlights and preventing headlight damage as much as possible. 

Some Affordable Alternatives To Replacing Tesla Headlights

However, let’s explore some affordable and aftermarket alternatives for replacing Tesla headlights:

A. Salvaged Tesla Headlights

One of the most popular options for cheaper OEM headlights is using salvaged parts. Internet auto parts warehouses and eBay sellers offer these recycled genuine Tesla headlights. Cost is typically 40-50% below brand new OEM prices.

Limited 1-year warranties are usually included. Minor scratches may be present, but there usually are no structural/functional issues. Salvaged parts are the only option for getting genuine OEM Tesla lights at heavily discounted pricing.

B. DIY Tesla Headlight Refurbishment Kits

Rather than full assemblies, you can use specialized DIY component kits to refurbish headlight housings themselves.

Complete kits include new bulbs/LED boards, main housing seals, wiring, adhesives, and restoration compounds. They can practically breathe life into foggy old headlights.

The kits’ prices are typically under $200. You must have mechanical skills and tools for disassembly/reassembly.

These are vastly cheaper than replacements when you’re the one providing free installation labor. 

Now, don’t know how to use these kits to refurbish your headlights? Here’s a video guide on using headlight refurbishment kits:

Hidden Costs Associated With Tesla Headlight Replacement 

Beyond the readily apparent parts and labor expenses, there are some additional hidden costs to be aware of. Here are some potential extras:

1. Headlight Calibration/Alignment:

Improper headlight aim set during repair can cause illumination problems. If this problem is detected after headlight replacement, some added labor time will then be needed for re-alignment. 

You’ll have to spend hourly labor costs for these. As the calibration can take about 40 minutes, you’ll have to spend around $80 for additional labor. 

Tesla Headlight Replacement

2. Body Panel Fastener/Clip Damage:

Accessing Tesla headlight assemblies requires the disassembly of multiple body panels. These panels use specialized plastic fastener clips that become easily broken. 

When your mechanic is reassembling the whole headlight set after installing the new headlight, some clips often fail to fasten. In that case, the clips themselves will also need to be replaced. These increase the total replacement cost by around $20 to $80

3. Electrical Shorts & Fuse Repairs  

If your headlight replacement is incorrectly performed, electrical wiring disruption can arise. This eventually leads to electrical short circuits or blown vehicle fuse issues. 

In that case, fuse replacement and diagnostic labor will add more costs, around $100.


Check out the below-mentioned queries before you go away.

1.  Can I save costs by installing the headlights of other car models on my Tesla?

It’s unfeasible to install non-Tesla headlights. Trying this option will not give you any cost or benefit either. The headlights of non-Tesla car models lack proper fitment and electrical integration due to Tesla’s unique proprietary platforms. Only OEM or verified aftermarket Tesla replacement lights are your viable options.

2. Can I install my older model Tesla’s headlight to my newer one to save cost? 

No, you can’t. Installing older salvaged models, such as Model S/Model X headlights, into models such as Model 3/Y vehicles will likely fail functionally. It’s due to electrical architecture incompatibilities between Tesla generations and outdated firmware limitations. 

3. Do I need to replace and match both headlights if only one is broken?

No, it’s not necessary. Replacing just the damaged headlight is fine if the other one is functioning properly. You don’t need to match the two, either. However, you might want to replace both for aesthetic reasons. 


The cost of replacing your Tesla headlights can vary depending on various factors. The average cost of a Tesla headlight replacement is $1,000 to $1,400, but it can range from $185 to $4,600, depending on the specific repair you need. 

Replacing your headlights can also have an impact on your performance, safety, battery life, and range, as well as your warranty and legality. Therefore, before you decide to replace your headlights, you should do some research and comparison and consider the potential benefits and drawbacks.

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