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VW CarPlay Not Working: Tips to Get It Working

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VW CarPlay Not Working

Using your phone while driving is made much easier with CarPlay. It assists with using essential apps while driving. But occasionally it fails, so you should be aware of its problems.

Why is VW CarPlay not working? Numerous issues are connected, such as 

  • Outdated software
  • Flawed Bluetooth
  • Network problems
  • Momentary bug glitches
  • Regional restrictions

90% of issues can be resolved if your car and device are compatible unless there is an iOS regional restriction. Sometimes it fails to work because it just needs a restart to connect with the new device. So look at both major and minor issues.

Here we have provided possible actions that you can take. We have also included some additional suggestions in case you require them.

What is VW CarPlay?

What is VW CarPlay

VW is an abbreviation for Volkswagen, a well-known automaker, in the context of “VW CarPlay.”

Apple CarPlay is a piece of software developed by Apple Inc. This allows you to connect your mobile device to your car and use it while driving. Once this software is installed in cars, you will notice that your iPhone is interfering with the infotainment system. 

As soon as you have what you need, you can use your phone by giving it a command. You can use a map, a player of music, etc.

Possible Reasons VW Carplay Not Working

Possible Reasons VW Carplay Not Working

1. Not Update Software

CarPlay compatibility problems may arise if the software for the VW infotainment system is not updated. Features are also limited by outdated software. 

2. Not Compatible

Some older VW models might not be CarPlay compatible. Therefore, it’s crucial to check before acting. Match model or serial number.

3. Week USB Connection

CarPlay functionality may be impacted by a weak connection caused by a loose or damaged USB cable. Use of non-branded USB will also cause problems. Additionally, a broken USB port will not support a stable connection.

4. Restrictions or Settings

CarPlay may not be enabled if it is restricted in the iPhone or VW infotainment system settings. And this is also linked to software updates.

5. Disable CarPlay

It’s possible that CarPlay was unintentionally disabled in the settings of the VW infotainment system.

What To Do When Your VW CarPlay Is Not Working?

What To Do When Your VW CarPlay Is Not Working

Here are a few things you can try if you keep attempting to connect your phone to your VW car but it is not working. 

You should check two crucial things before moving on to the main points. The first step is to determine whether your country or region is permitted to use CarPlay. The second point is to determine whether your VW car supports CarPlay or not.

When this part is finished and you can see that both your car and your smartphone have CarPlay support, next this is what you should do.

1. Update your software

Check frequently to see if your Volkswagen’s infotainment system has any fresh software updates available. These updates frequently include fixes for bugs and enhancements. This can improve CarPlay’s performance/connection issues and take care of any compatibility problems. 

2. Bluetooth compatibility

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on both your iPhone and Volkswagen before attempting to connect it to CarPlay. CarPlay relies on a stable Bluetooth connection to enable communication between your phone and the car system. So make sure Bluetooth is operating properly on both sides.

3. Look over USB cables

Check the USB cable that connects your iPhone to the Volkswagen’s USB port. Verify that the cable is in good condition and completely plugged in on both ends. Use a different cable to see if that solves the CarPlay problem as faulty or damaged cables can lead to connectivity issues.

4. Activate Siri

Your iPhone must have Siri turned on in order to use CarPlay. Make sure Siri is turned on by opening the “Settings” app on your iPhone, going to “Siri & Search,” and selecting “On.” Siri is essential to the operation of CarPlay because it enables voice commands for hands-free control of numerous features and apps.

5. Make Sure “CarPlay” is enable

We occasionally make silly errors, such as forgetting to enable carplay on our vehicles and blaming on other components. 

Make sure the settings for your Volkswagen’s infotainment system have CarPlay turned on. For details on how to activate CarPlay, check the settings menu or refer to the owner’s manual for your car.

6. Contact VW CarPlay Support

It is advised to get in touch with VW CarPlay support if you have done all of the above but are still having problems with the app. To assist you in resolving any technical issues, VW’s representatives can suggest precise troubleshooting advice catered to your Volkswagen model. 

You can also contact Apple support, though. 

Additional Suggestion If Your VW CarPlay Is Not Working

Additional Suggestion If Your VW CarPlay Is Not Working

If you followed every instruction in the previous guide but it wasn’t yet successful, here are a few more ideas regarding VW CarPlay not working.

1. Restart your device as well as the Volkswagen software

It is possible that both your car and device are compatible, but they must be restarted in order to connect properly. And restarting occasionally fixes temporary glitches as well, so do this.

2. Reset your device’s network settings

Resetting your network can sometimes resolve your problems. To do this, open the iPhone settings app, choose General, and then choose Reset. You can find network resetting under this selection.

3. Your car’s systems should be factory reset

Factory resets erase previous commands, and though we can’t guarantee that they work, you should use all possible solutions. However, this can be effective to address new connections with devices.

If you’re encountering difficulties with VW CarPlay in your vehicle, you might also find our article on Honda Accord AC not working helpful. This article provides insights and solutions for troubleshooting and resolving AC-related issues in the Honda Accord. Additionally, if you’re looking to reset the wrench light on your Honda Civic, our guide on how to reset the wrench light on Honda Civic offers step-by-step instructions to help you resolve this issue.


Here are a few more questions regarding the malfunctioning VW CarPlay. Continue reading to learn more about these issues.

Q: Why is Apple CarPlay not working after the update?

A few users experienced this after updating their iOS, and as a result, CarPlay stopped recognizing their devices. The main causes of this are settings problems and bugs in the internal software. Make a quick check to see if your device restricts CarPlay. 
Therefore, check Content & Privacy Restrictions under Settings > Screen Time. If you notice that CarPlay is restricted, fix it. 

Q: What is the procedure for updating the software on my Volkswagen infotainment system?

Visiting a VW dealership will allow you to update the software on your Volkswagen infotainment system. You can also look for updates by visiting the Volkswagen website. 
While some models might support over-the-air updates, others might need the update to be downloaded to a USB drive and manually installed.

Q: Can an Android phone be used with CarPlay?

No, CarPlay is an Apple product made exclusively for iOS devices. You must use Android Auto, a comparable system made specifically for Android devices if you have an Android phone. Although they support different operating systems, CarPlay and Android Auto both offer comparable features.

Final Words

We believe that the solution we have provided, along with a further suggestion, will completely resolve your “VW CarPlay Not Working” issues. In order to connect your device to CarPlay in your VW, several conditions must be met. 

It requires strong Bluetooth connectivity, current software, a fresh system free of bugs or glitches, and unrestricted connectivity. You will have trouble setting up the connections if one of them is defective or not up to par. However, if you still think that this is urgent and not your cup of tea, get professional assistance.

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