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Chevy Traverse Remote Start Not Working: Possible Reasons and Solutions

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Chevy Traverse Remote Start Not Working

Remote start allows your Chevy Traverse engine to warm and oil flow smoothly before you get into it. However, this feature, which has been on this car since 2010, sometimes fails to work.

But why does Chevy Traverse remote start fail to work? Various things that may be the cause include a dead key fob battery, a disabled remote start feature, or a vehicle in valet mode. Change the battery and check the setting to fix the problem.

You’ll find information on potential causes for the remote start feature that stop it from working in Chevy Traverse. You will also find the solutions to address these issues. Keep reading to learn more.

Reasons Chevy Traverse Remote Start May Not Be Working

Usually, the fluids in the vehicles have time to warm and become less viscous, improving performance once you start driving. However, sometimes remote start won’t work on your Chevy Traverse, creating inconveniences.

Reasons Chevy Traverse Remote Start May Not Be Working

Before learning the possible reasons this feature may not be working in your Chevy Traverse, ensure you’re doing it right;

  • Ensure you’re within 200 feet of your car.
  • Point your key fob toward your vehicle and press the lock button twice.
  • Immediately, press and hold the remote start button for about five seconds, and the engine will start.

1. Dead Remote Battery

A key fob battery has a lifespan between 3 and 4 years, depending on how often it gets used. A dead or weak remote battery is usually one of the reasons the remote start may not be working.


To fix a dead remote battery problem, buy a remote battery number CR2032 and bring a flathead screwdriver or small knife. Follow the step below

  • Step 1.  Remove the security key from inside the key fob by pressing the button on the right side of the fob, then pull.
  • Step 2.  Put your flathead screwdriver slightly in the slot where the key was and pry up gently to create a separation.
  • Step 3.  Use your hand to separate the two parts completely.
  • Step 4.  Remove the old battery using the flathead screwdriver.
  • Step 5.  Put in the new batter with the negative side facing up.
  • Step 6.  Align the two parts of the key fob and press them together to snap them back on.
  • Step 7.  Slide in the emergency key.
  • Step 8.  Test your key

The following video shows how to replace the battery on Chevy Traverse

2. Remote Start Disabled

Some users who had the remote start not working problem found that they turned off the feature via the driver information center. Other features, like unlocking the car’s door will work, but the engine won’t start if disabled.

Valet mode also disables remote start and other car features and may be responsible.


One of the solutions is to turn off valet mode by exploring through the DIC Information displays. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Step 1.  Navigate to the vehicle settings and scroll down to valet mode
  • Step 2.  Click valet mode and enter your four-digit key then hit unlock
  • Step 3.  Test remote start
Why Chevy Traverse Remote Start Not Working

Solution two is to enable the remote start

  • Step 1.  On the DIC display, press the customization button until you get to the remote start.
  • Step 2.  Press the set button once
  • Step 3.  Press the customization button and select on to turn the remote start feature.

3. Two Remote Starts are Already Used

Remote start only works two times, either two starts or one with an extension in each key cycle. This is to prevent the starter from damage, just in case the minor keeps remote starting the car for fun.


To allow your Chevy Traverse remote to start working again, start the vehicle manually from the inside. Turn it on, then off, and you’ll get two more remote starts.

4. Engine Check Light on

If the service light or check engine light is on, the remote start feature doesn’t work. The lights show a problem with the engine and other parts of the drivetrain, which must be fixed before the start feature can work again.

Chevy Traverse Engine Check Light on


The solution to the check engine or service light is fixing the problem causing it to illuminate. You can take the vehicle to the dealership to get it diagnosed or diagnose it through the information in its on-board diagnostic II, a self-diagnostic equipment.

Use a scan tool to diagnose the problem. Follow the steps below;

  • Step 1.  Locate the OBD port on your Chevy Traverse.
  • Step 2.  Connect the OBD2 Scanner.
  • Step 3.  Click the scan button to start scanning.
  • Step 4.  Note the code displayed on the tool after it finishes the scan. Consult the user manual or websites OBD-II trouble code website to interpret the code and learn the problem.
  • Step 5.  Take the vehicle to the dealer to get the problem fixed.

Other possible causes include;

  • The coolant temperature is too high – Let the vehicle idle and cool before attempting to remote start it.
  • Emission control system malfunctioning – Get the emission control system diagnosed and fixed.
  • Key fob in the car – Ensure the active or backup key fob is not in the vehicle when attempting a start.
If you’re facing issues with the remote start feature in your Chevy Traverse, you may also be interested in our article on GMC Terrain remote start not working. This article discusses common problems with remote start in GMC Terrain vehicles and provides potential solutions. Additionally, if you own a Chevy Sonic and are experiencing remote start issues, our article on Chevy Sonic remote start not working might be helpful.

Related Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic

1. Can Gear Position Cause Chevy Traverse Remote Start Not to Work?

Yes, if the vehicle is in any other gear except for P (park) the remote start won’t work, and the engine won’t start. Always set the gear to park before leaving the car.

2. Does Ignition Position Cause Chevy Traverse Remote Start Not to Work?

If the ignition position is not in off or lock mode, the remote start won’t work. Ensure the ignition position is in off mode before using the remote start feature.

3. Can an Unclosed Hood Cause Chevy Traverse Remote Start Not to Work?

Any unclosed part in a vehicle can cause the remote start feature not to work, including the hood. The hood latch may malfunction, causing the issue. Lust on the sensors may also cause this issue. Ensure the hood is properly closed before using the feature.


Sometimes the remote start may stop working on your Chevy Traverse, and when it happens, don’t panic. Ensure you’re starting it right and within the maximum distance from your vehicle. Note that this distance may decrease as the battery power runs low.

Go through each possible solution mentioned earlier and follow the steps to provide a fix. Visit the dealership to get the key fob replaced and the system updated if the problem persists. 

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