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GMC Terrain Remote Start not Working | Learn the Causes and Solutions

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GMC Terrain Remote Start not Working

The remote start feature is an exclusive inclusion to modern vehicles in terms of convenience. But, this modern feature also can frustrate you by not starting after you eagerly tried several times. 

So, what causes your GMC Terrain remote to start not working? There could be various reasons behind this issue. The reasons include simple door-open problems, the car key in the ignition, the remote’s battery is finished, issues in the emission control system, and so on.

This article will help you understand the common causes of remote start failure while providing solutions.

Common Causes of GMC Remote Start Failure

Common Causes of GMC Remote Start Failure

By understanding the below-listed common causes that make GMC terrain remote start not working, you can pinpoint the issue. And it will also allow you to select the best and appropriate troubleshooting approach by learning the exact reason. 

The Key is in the Ignition

Leaving the car key in the ignition is common and usual. The presence of the key in the ignition can prevent the remote start from engaging as a safety measure. 


When attempting to use the remote start feature, ensuring the key is not inserted into the ignition is essential. 

The Key FOB Battery is Gone

The remote’s battery runs out with time. In such a case, you won’t be able to start your GMC Terrain by using the remote.  


Recharge the battery. And if required, replace that.

Open Hood or Doors 

The remote start system not only provides you the opportunity to handle the vehicle’s function remotely but also prioritizes safety. Following this, if the hood or any of the doors are not properly closed, the remote start feature will not activate. 

GMC Remote Start Failure


This is to prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle. In observing such, close the door or hood and try the remote again.

Hazard Warning Flashers On

Take that you have sensed a mechanical fault while driving; what will you do? The first thing you will do is press the hazard flasher to ensure other drivers’ safety on the road. After parking the vehicle and addressing the issue, if you try to use the remote start, it won’t work. 


Here, the reason is that the flashers, i.e., the beeping of all four turning lights, are on. This is a safety measure to avoid any confusion or potential hazards that may arise from the vehicle being remotely started while the hazard lights are flashing. So, switch off the flashers and try the remote.

Malfunction in Emission Control System

In certain cases, if there is a malfunction in the vehicle’s emission control system, the remote start feature becomes automatically disabled. This is to ensure that the vehicle’s emissions are controlled and meet regulatory standards. 


In this case, we strongly recommend you take the GMC four-wheeler to a workshop. And have the vehicle inspected by a qualified technician to diagnose and resolve any emission control system issues.

The Coolant Temperature is too High

As per standard, the car’s coolant temperature must remain within 195 to 220 Fahrenheit (approx 90°C). If this range is crossed, the remote start feature becomes automatically disabled. This is a protective measure to prevent potential damage to the engine. 

GMC Coolant Temperature is too High


You should look for leakage in the coolant flowing pipelines while also checking the level of this car fluid. However, if the level is ok and there is no leak, just let the vehicle cool down and try the remote start again. 

And if there is a leak, repair that one. For this, identify the leak, flush out the fluid, and re-seal the leak. 

Low Oil Pressure 

In the event of degraded piston rings wearing, broken seals, etc., the oil gets burnt very quickly. And the associated low oil pressure abstracts the activation of the remote start function to prevent engine damage. 


  • It’s important to check the oil level and pressure to ensure they are within the recommended range. 
  • However, the low oil pressure sometimes occurs due to mechanical faults in the system, making the remote start dysfunctional. In this case, you must take professional assistance.

Check out this YouTube video to address low oil pressure:

Remote Vehicle Start Try-Limit Has Crossed

GM’s terrain has a limit on the number of times the remote start feature can be used consecutively. Once the limit is reached (usually two starts), the remote start becomes temporarily disabled. In general, the time range is 15 minutes. 

This is to prevent excessive use of the feature, conserve battery life, and prevent potential wear and tear on the vehicle. 


If you are sure about the limit-crossing, just turn “on” and “off” the ignition, and the issue will be resolved.

Tips to Deal with GMC Terrain Remote Start Feature

GMC Terrain Remote Start Feature

Apply the below-listed tips to ensure the best use of the remote system.

SituationExpert Advice
Your GMC is in a poorly ventilated areaDo not use the remote start
Running the car engine for more than 15 minutesBefore the end of each 15-minute session, press the start button
The rear defog becomes activated just after pressing the remote The climate control system is in an automated mode, fix that one
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People Also Ask

Here, we answer some of the most common questions regarding your GMC terrain’s remote start system’s dysfunctionality.

GMC Terrain
How do I reset a remote starter GMC Terrain?

Pressing the remote’s lock button, switch the on and off function within five seconds. Repeat this process three consecutive times.

Can I use GMC Terrain remote start on mobile?

You can use the GMC Terrain remote start facility on your phone through the myGMC app. You can easily download it from Google Play or App Store.

Last Words

We hope that our detailed exploration of this issue will help you in the future. If you face such a situation, check if your remote start encounters the above-mentioned causes. Try to fix the issue by following our suggestions. 

If you are not an expert in dealing with car issues, attempting such can cause major damage. We strongly recommend you take the GMC to an authorized service point to take professional assistance. Happy driving!

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