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Hyundai Remote Start Not Working – 9 Common Causes & Their Solutions

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Hyundai Remote Start Not Working

While the function of remote start in Hyundai works seamlessly as long as certain pre-conditions are met, sometimes it can fail. So then, what are the causes of the Hyundai remote start not working?

Hyundai remote start not working can be due to low battery power, poor phone signal, or key fob battery issues. Sometimes, a system code error, adjusting the temperature settings, and software problems can be the cause. Additionally, the problem could be faulty installation if using aftermarket remote starters.

Now you might wonder, what is the solution to a Hyundai remote start that won’t work? Check out our detailed guide to find out. 

Causes of Hyundai Remote Start Not Working

Depending on your vehicle’s model and year, you can remotely start your Hyundai via a BlueLink app or a key fob. However, some Hyundai model years have access to both features.

Causes of Hyundai Remote Start Not Working

By the way, with the following issues, the app and key fob won’t work. Read on to learn the details of the reasons and their solutions. 

1. Battery Power Too Low 

One of the requirements of being able to remotely start your Hyundai is that your car’s battery should not be low on power. If the battery power is too low, your vehicle may take longer to start remotely.

In this case, you could get a message: ‘The battery level is too low.’ This issue is typical in the 2019 Iron Man Edition and 2018 Kona Ultimate.

hyundai Battery Power Too Low 


One of the solutions would be to try and recharge your car’s battery. This is because if you don’t drive enough, the battery may not get adequately charged.

If recharging does not work, the battery could be completely dead. In this case, you should replace the factory battery. 

2. Key Fob Battery Issues 

Apart from the car battery, your Hyundai remote start can stop working due to the key fob’s battery being dead or too low. Typically, the Hyundai key fob will last between 2 and 4 years, based on how often you use it. 

If the battery is dead, the little LED light on the key fob will not blink after pressing the lock or unlock button. If the battery is dead, your Hyundai vehicle will not recognize it, preventing you from using the remote start feature.


If the issue is with your Hyundai key fob battery, you must replace it. To make the replacement, get a new battery. Then, pull out the emergency key from inside the fob. 

Next, use the key or a screwdriver to pry open the fob’s shell. After that, take out the dead battery and replace it with the new one. Lastly, put back the key fob together and test to see if the LED light is blinking.

For your convenience, watch the following video to replace the key Fob battery DIY. 

3. Shut Off Privacy Mode On 

According to a 2020 Hyundai Kona owner, the remote start stopped working for several months. And even after the support team updated his BlueLink app, it would still not work. He even reset the system, but it did not solve the problem.

However, he flashed the lights, locked and unlocked the doors, and honked the horn. But every time he tried to remote start, the app would revert to the start screen.

In his attempt to fix the problem, he sighted something on the radio indicating privacy mode. The privacy mode feature was on and would not allow him to use his phone book or remote start the car.

hyundai Shut Off Privacy Mode On


The best solution is to reset the system and then shut off the privacy mode. To reset, manually start your vehicle’s engine. Then, use a pen to push the reset button above the volume knob. 

4. Poor Phone Signal 

With the 2022 Tucson Hybrid Limited trim, the remote start may fail to work from the MyHyundai app. This means the feature will work on the key fob.

However, the remote start will work from the app if you stand next to the car. But after 10 to 20 seconds, the vehicle shuts off itself again. When this happens, you will get a notification saying, ‘Remote Start Unsuccessful.’

Generally, this can happen when your phone has trouble connecting to your Hyundai. This is because, with weak signal strength, your cellular device cannot send the command to Hyundai servers, enabling remote start.


If you are in a confined place, you should try using the app to remotely start your car in an open parking lot. However, you must first lock your car with the key fob. 

5. Making Temperature Customizations 

The default temperature settings of Hyundai cars with the remote start feature are usually low and high. Sometimes, adjusting the temperature settings of your 2023 Hyundai Palisade can also make the remote start to stop working.  

When this happens, you will receive a notification, ‘Remote start with climate control unsuccessful.’ However, this issue does not affect the key fob but only the MyHundai app.

hyundai Making Temperature Customizations


To fix the problem, you should adjust the temperature settings from the preset to the default. This can either be LO or HI. Then, save the changes. 

6. System Code Error 

Sometimes, your Hyundai remote starts not working could be due to a system code error. From my experience, the remote start feature once stopped working after a BlueLink update. And every time I attempted to use the feature, I would get a 6993 error and a ‘restart the app’ notification. 

In some cases, the remote start can stop working via the MyHyundai app and you receive several error messages. Examples of these messages are ‘The vehicle you are trying to reach is currently in an active call’ and ‘Remote door locks unsuccessful.’

hyundai System Code Error


You can fix the problem by resetting the remote start function. To do the resetting, 

  • Locate a small (pin-hole size) reset button on the center console. The button can be on or near the infotainment system buttons, depending on your Hyundai vehicle model. 
  • Then, use a pen or a toothpick to press it down for about 30 seconds. This will help reboot the head unit and fix your remote start problem.

Another way to fix the Hyundai Elantra remote start not working is to delete the saved password. To do this, 

  • Log in to your MyHyundai App on your phone. 
  • Then, click on ‘Forgot password’ from the homepage. 
  • Enter your account’s email address and click ‘Next’. 
  • After that, answer the security question as requested. 
  • Then, re-enter the same password and save it again. 
  • You could also uninstall and then reinstall the MyHyundai App from your phone. 

7. Not Hitting The Lock Button 

Hyundai remote start on key fob may fail to work if you don’t hit the lock button before holding down the remote start button. This is despite the other features, including the trunk lid, lock, and unlock working. I have seen this with so many Hyundai cars. 

hyundai Not Hitting The Lock Button 


Before pressing the remote start button on the key fob, always hit the lock door button first. It doesn’t matter if the door is locked. According to Hyundai, the only way to activate the remote start function is to press the lock button first. Then, press the remote start button within 3 seconds. 

8. Faulty Installation

For Hyundai vehicles with aftermarket remote starters, the feature can stop working due to poor installation by the dealer. You see, unlike Hyundai OEM starters, the aftermarket has many wires that must be connected correctly.

So far, I have seen this problem in the 2013 Santa Fe and 2013 Hyundai Elantra. When the remote start stops working from the key fob, the engine will crank after pressing the remote start button. However, the vehicle will not start.

hyundai remote Faulty Installation


If you are experiencing this issue, I suggest taking your car to a Hyundai dealer. The dealer will check for any incorrect or loose wire connections and fix them.

Alternatively, you can have the dealer remove the aftermarket starter and replace it with a Hyundai factory remote start. This is because its installation is literally plug-and-play.

9. Software Problems

The remote start of some 2021 and 2022 IONIQ AE HEV/AE PHEV vehicles may fail to work due to software issues. This problem has been reported by many Hyundai owners on the IONIQ forum.

According to the affected folks, the remote start does not work through the BlueLink app or the website. However, all other features will work as usual, even with the IONIQ 5 bluelink not working.

hyundai Software Problems


After many complaints, Hyundai issued a recall for the remote start problem. The fix was simply an ECU update to correct the software error.

After the update, the feature started working via the BlueLink app. One person even started their car from home while the vehicle was at the dealership. 

General Factors to Keep in Mind to Work Remote Start in Hyundai Cars

General Factors to Keep in Mind to Work Remote Start in Hyundai Cars

There are some basic rules to follow while starting the Hyundai vehicles remotely. So, you have to keep these in mind even in normal situations.

  • All the doors must be closed and locked
  • The engine hood must be securely closed
  • You must have started your vehicle at least within the past 4 days
  • The trunk must be closed
  • Your car must be outside, or the garage door must be open
  • The car battery should be low on power
  • The keys must not be inside the car
If your Hyundai’s remote start is not functioning as expected, you’re not alone in facing this frustrating issue. Similar remote start problems might also occur in other models, such as the GMC Acadia and Mazda vehicles, both of which could also encounter issues with their remote start functionality. For GMC Acadia owners dealing with remote start problems, our article on GMC Acadia remote start not working provides insights into diagnosing and addressing this specific issue. Additionally, if you’re experiencing remote start problems with a Mazda vehicle, our article on Mazda remote start not working offers guidance for troubleshooting and resolving this particular concern. By exploring these resources, you’ll be better equipped to address remote start concerns effectively.


Before we conclude, let’s take a look at commonly asked queries about the Hyundai remote start not working.

Why won’t the Hyundai remote start not work via my smartphone?

This may happen if you are not enrolled in the BlueLink remote service package or your subscription has expired. Also, the remote start may not be available if you recently subscribed to the app and 24 hours are not over.

How do I activate my Hyundai remote start?

Start by pressing the lock button to activate the remote start feature while you are within a reasonable range. Then, press and hold the remote start button for 4 seconds until you see a red light blink on the key fob. Your vehicle should start.

Why won’t my Hyundai remote start not work after changing from an Android to an Apple phone?

This could happen if you pair the new phone without uninstalling the old phone from your account. It could also be due to not pairing your BlueLink account with the new phone. So, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it can help fix the problem.


Your Hyundai remote start may stop working via a key fob or BlueLink app for many reasons. Some of these reasons include a dead key fob or car battery, a lousy phone signal, and software issues. 

The good news? Once you have identified the cause of the remote start not working, you can easily fix the problem yourself. 

Sometimes, just resetting the Hyundai Blue link app can fix most of these issues. And once you have fixed the problem, you must ensure to follow all the rules for a successful remote start. 

By the way, if the above-mentioned solutions can’t solve the remote start issue, please consult a professional to solve the issue. 

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