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Nissan Altima Remote Start Not Working – How To Fix!

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Nissan Altima Remote Start Not Working

Nissan Altima is an excellent car as its operations are automated to ease its operation. Such automation includes using a remote to start your vehicle from a distance. However, this service is often met with multiple failures, making its operation tedious.

So the question is, why is the Nissan Altima remote start not working? The most possible reasons are

  • Remote batteries might be dead or wrongly installed
  • Loose wiring connection in the remote
  • The car is in valet mode
  • The remote isn’t in range of sensitivity 
  • Obstruction between the remote start and the car, etc.

In this guide, we shall review the major causes of your Nissan Altima remote not working and the possible solutions to the problems in a DIY process. In addition, we shall discuss how to use the remote start app on your phone for ease of operation.

Nissan Altima Remote Start Not Working – Causes And Quick Fixes

Nissan Altima Remote Start Not Working

Let’s look at the main causes of the remote not starting and how they can be fixed in the table below. 

Remote Start ProblemPossible Solution
Dead remote batteryReplace with a new battery
Open doors, hood or truckEnsure the doors, hood and trucks are properly closed
Remote start being in valet modeTurn off the valet mode by pressing the holding button on the key fob for 3 seconds
Obstruction between the remote start and the carClear any obstacles and ensure no metallic objects around
Remote start is out of sensitivity rangeGet close to the car within the sensitivity range
Incorrect use of the remoteOperate the remote properly following the manual guide
The intelligent key inside the carTake out all the intelligent keys from the car
The hazard warning lights are onFix the specific problem that’s keeping the hazard light on
The alarm sounds due to illegal entry into the vehicleTurn off the alarm 
Security system is activatedTurn off the security system

Nissan Altima Remote Start Not Working – Causes And Solutions

Nissan Altima Remote Start Not Work

Here are the major causes of the remote start not working and solutions for each case in detail.

1. Dead Remote Battery

A dead battery is the most common issue with the remote start. The battery is bound to deplete with time, depending on the usage frequency.

Most of these batteries have a 3-4 year life, upon which the battery should be replaced or charged. Dead batteries affect the sensitivity of the remote, making it not work efficiently.

Nissan Altima Dead Remote Battery


You must replace the dead battery with a new one by following the process below.

  1. Remove the mechanical key from the intelligent key
  2. Use a small slotted screwdriver to separate the top lid from the bottom lid, exposing the battery
  3. Remove the old battery and clean any dirt using a cloth and wipe the dust
  4. Replace the battery with a new one, preferably a CR2032 battery
  5. Ensure the positive terminal side faces the bottom of the case and close the case by carefully pressing the two lids together
  6. Operate the buttons to check for proper battery replacement

You can also recharge the battery by inserting the key fob into the slot next to your trunk as you seek to replace the dead battery. Ensure the battery and other wire connections are properly installed to avoid loose connections.

2. Open Doors, Hood, Windows, And Trunk

Your car remote start key cannot operate when the doors, hood, and windows are open, as the computer system will detect the car as accessed already.

Leaving the door open will signal an alarm alerting you to close it for remote operations.

Nissan Altima Remote Start Not Working Causes And Solutions


Ensure all the car doors, hood, trunk, and windows are closed properly before exiting the car.

3. Remote Start In Valet Mode

Nissan Altima remote start can switch to valet mode, which turns off the on and off mode preventing the car from starting while the car is unattended.

The valet mode acts as a safe mode to ensure that the car’s operation doesn’t occur without the key. You will see a small light on the dashboard with the valet sign indicating that your car is in valet mode.


Check the valet mode and switch it off by following these two simple steps.

  • Step 1: Please press the button on your key fob and hold it for at least 3 seconds
  • Step 2: Press the start button, and it should now work

4. Obstruction between the Remote and the car Or If The Remote Is Out Of Range

The Nissan Altima remote is programmed to work. At the same time, at a range of 197 feet and without any obstruction on its wave path. If metals and other magnetic materials obstruct the car, they tend to interfere with the wavelength causing the remote to malfunction.

Also, it will not function properly if you try to operate the remote from a far point beyond the recommended range.

Nissan Altima Remote Is Out Of Range


Keep the remote in the range – recommended at 197 feet. If the battery capacity is low, reduce the distance between the car and the remote start.

Ensure no objects obstruct the remote start. Eliminate any magnetic material that will interfere with the waves.

5. Incorrect Use Of The Remote Start 

Different car models have different user procedures. If you press the right buttons or follow the guidelines, your remote start will work.

If the remote requires a press-and-hold function, ensure you press and hold for the recommended time. Also, if a function requires a double press with waiting time in between, follow the guidelines promptly.

6. The intelligent key inside the car

If one or more intelligent keys of the Nissan Altima are inside the car, the remote start won’t work. To check if this is the case, try to turn the car’s ignition on using the push-button switch. If the ignition starts, it means there’s at least one intelligent key inside the car. 


Take out all the intelligent keys from the car. Remote start will work afterward.

7. The hazard warning lights are on

Hazard warning light turns on if there’s a problem, such as low fuel in the tank, or a loose fuel cap. When this light is on, the remote start won’t work.

Nissan Altima hazard warning lights are on


Fix the specific problem that’s keeping the hazard light on. Once that is solved, the remote will start working again.

8. The alarm sounds due to illegal entry into the vehicle

If the car can sense unauthorized entry or movement around the vehicle, it’ll start the alarm sound. And when the alarm sound is on, the remote won’t work.


Turn off the alarm and the remote will start working again.

9. Security system is activated

If the security system is activated, the remote start won’t work. To check whether the system is activated or not, try to start the engine using only the ignition switch. You’ll notice that it won’t work. Use the intelligent key with the push button and the engine will turn on afterward.


Turn off the security system and the remote system will start working again, as usual.

How To Use The Nissan Altima Remote Start App?

How To Use The Nissan Altima Remote Start App

Are you tired of using the remote start that may run out of power or be faulty sometimes? Worry not; you can now install an application on your phone or gadget and operate the car remotely.

Follow the steps below to download and install the Nissan Altima Connect app.

  • Step 1: Download the Nissan Altima Connect app from the google play store.
  • Step 2: Install the app and give access to your specific Nissan Altima model.
  • Step 3: Connect via Bluetooth and register by filling in personal data and login.
  • Step 4: Add your car number to gain access to your gadget.
  • Step 5: Tap on the remote start button on the app and your car will start and moderate the interior conditions via the A/C.
  • Step 6: Tap on the stop engine button to stop the engine.
  • Step 7: Tap on the lock and unlock button to lock and unlock your car doors remotely.

You can watch the video below on how to set up the NissanConnect app.

If you’re experiencing remote start issues with your Nissan Altima, you may also find our article on Chevy Malibu remote start not working helpful. This article provides insights into common problems and potential solutions for remote start issues in Chevy Malibu vehicles. Additionally, if you’re interested in maintaining the health of your car’s cooling system, you might find our article on the benefits of a professional cooling system flush informative.


Here are more questions and answers concerning the Nissan Altima remote start key.

Q: What Is The Range For The Nissan Altima Remote Start?

In most instances, the Nissan remote start has a range of 197 feet when no obstructions are in its wave path. You can, however, increase the range to operate your car from far distances.

The sensitivity range may reduce when the car is parked near metallic objects, especially magnetic materials, as they interfere with the waves.

Q: What Are The Conditions Necessary For Nissan Altima Remote Start To Work?

For your remote app to operate efficiently, you must meet the following conditions.

  • Ensure the doors, hood, and trunk are closed
  • The intelligent key must be outside the car
  • The transmission gear is in parking mode
Q: What Is The Cost Of Programming The Nissan Altima Car Keys?

Programming the Nissan Altima keyless smart fob may cost between $120 and $400, depending on the professional you hire. A smart key is more expensive than a manual key due to the automated features.


Your Nissan Altima’s remote start key may not work due to a dead battery or a faulty or wrongly set and connected remote. Other possible causes include obstruction in the remote waves and using remote out of sensitivity range.

The good news is that you can rectify these problems with a DIY process or with the help of a professional for complex problems. Ensure proper care and maintenance of the remote start to reduce its chances of becoming faulty.

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