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Nissan Pathfinder Remote Start Not Working – 10 Reasons

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Nissan Pathfinder Remote Start Not Working

The first Pathfinder to have the remote start feature is the 2014 Nissan Pathfinder model. Over the years, the remote start has grown popular among drivers, so it can be highly inconvenient when it stops working, especially in bad weather conditions.

Why is the Nissan Pathfinder remote start not working? A Nissan Path finder’s remote start can stop working due to several issues, including;

  • Range
  • Dead key fob battery
  • Drained car battery
  • Faulty hood latch
  • Check engine light is illuminated
  • Low fuel level
  • The vehicle alarm is  active

Read on to learn more about why a Nissan Pathfinder’s remote start may fail, how to troubleshoot the problems, and tips for avoiding remote start issues.

Nissan Pathfinder Remote Start Not Working – Causes And Fixes

Nissan Pathfinder remote start can stop working due to many reasons, including the following;

Nissan Pathfinder Remote Start Not Working - Causes And Fixes

1. You’re out of range

A Nissan Pathfinder’s remote start range is about 330 feet. If you’re trying to use the key fob at a distance greater than 330 feet, remote start will not work.

Please be at the range to start your Nissan Pathfinder remotely. 

Nissan Pathfinder Remote out of range

2. The key fob has battery issues

The key fob you use to start your car remotely draws its power from a small button cell battery. Any key fob battery issues cause the remote start system to stop working.


Replace the key fob’s battery. Always ensure the replacement batteries have similar specifications to the old ones.

3. Remote start conditions haven’t been met

Nissan Pathfinder Remote start conditions haven’t been met

A Nissan Pathfinder’s remote start function will not work if any of the following remote start conditions are unmet;

  • All doors are closed and locked
  • Ignition is OFF
  • The car is in PARK
  • Hazard lights are off
  • The remote start feature is turned on in the vehicle settings


Always ensure all the remote start conditions are met before starting your car remotely.

4. The hood latch is not closed correctly

The Nissan Pathfinder remote start doesn’t work when the hood is open. This helps prevent any injuries in case someone is working under the hood. 

Sometimes, the hood sensor experiences glitches and prevents the remote start from working. In other cases, the hood latch may be damaged due to corrosion or rusting, so it can’t close the hood properly.


Open the hood and check the hood latch for signs of corrosion or rustiness. Clean the latch using a cleaner such as WD-40 if it is dirty. However, if damaged, contact a mechanic for help in replacing it.

5. Active vehicle alarm 

The alarm’s function is to notify the owner whenever there’s illegal entry into the vehicle. To prevent car theft, a remote start doesn’t work whenever the car alarm is activated.

Nissan Pathfinder Active vehicle alarm 


Deactivate the alarm before starting your Nissan Pathfinder with the remote. 

6. Key fob problems

A Nissan Pathfinder’s remote start can fail because of a faulty or malfunctioning key fob. One of the most common ways a key fob becomes faulty is when its circuits get damaged due to exposure to water.

Key fob problems


If the key fob is damaged, get a new OEM key fob for your Nissan Pathfinder. Get the key fob from a Nissan dealer or from the Nissan manufacturer directly. 

7. Drained car battery

When the battery on your Nissan Pathfinder is drained or dead, the remote start will not work. This failure can be attributed to two reasons, as explained below;

  • When the battery is drained, all electrical and electronic systems in the car, including remote start, don’t work because of the lack of power.
  • The battery provides the electricity to create the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture. The standard ignition and remote start won’t work if the battery dies.
Nissan Pathfinder Drained car battery


Look at the car battery. Are the terminals properly connected? Tighten any loose connections. 

If the remote start still doesn’t work after fixing the loose connections, you need to measure the battery’s charge level using a voltmeter. If the reading is below 12.4 volts, that battery is drained, meaning you must recharge it for the remote start to work.

Sometimes, the car battery is damaged beyond repair. In this case, the only solution is to replace the bad battery with a new one.

8. Low fuel

The remote start feature on your Nissan Pathfinder has an instruction that prevents it from starting the car when you have low fuel levels. 

Nissan Pathfinder Low fuel


Top up the fuel tank. The minimum fuel level must be ⅛ of the fuel tank. By the way, this may depend on the variation of the model years. So, see which level allows you to start the car remotely after topping up the fuel. 

9. Check engine light is on

The check engine light turns on whenever there’s an issue with the engine. Whenever the check engine light illuminates, it deactivates your car’s remote start feature to ensure safety.


Issues associated with the check engine light (CEL) include problems with the transmission, engine misfires, gas caps, and many more. Diagnose the issues by attaching an OB2 scanner to get the exact fault code, and then fix the issues accordingly.

Consulting an auto technician is the best thing to do if you notice the CEL is on.

Can You Avoid Remote Start Issues On Nissan Pathfinder?

Can You Avoid Remote Start Issues On Nissan Pathfinder

Yes, remote start issues can be prevented and avoided. To avoid remote start problems on your Nissan Pathfinder, follow the steps below;

  1. Replace the key fob battery if you’ve had it for over 3 years to ensure you never experience problems related to a depleted battery.
  2. Keep the key fob away from water and too much heat, which may damage its circuits and components.
  3. Ensure your car battery is always charged and well-maintained.
  4. Address all engine issues promptly.
  5. Keep your car topped up with fuel.
While Nissan Pathfinder owners occasionally face challenges with their remote start systems, they’re not the only ones. For instance, those driving the Nissan Kicks often report a set of unique remote start difficulties. To get a clearer picture, check out our article on Nissan Kicks remote start issues. If you’re considering branching out to other car brands, it might be worth reading about how Honda Civics fare in this department. Our detailed guide on how to remote start a Honda Civic offers valuable insights and troubleshooting tips.


Here are some answers to common questions about Nissan Pathfinder remote start.

Q: What’s the price of a Nissan Pathfinder key fob?

A new Nissan Pathfinder remote start key fob costs between $40 and $100, depending on where you purchase it. Always avoid generic key fobs because they are often incompatible with most cars.

Q: Is it expensive to reprogram a key fob?

Some situations require you to reprogram a key fob to enjoy its functionality. They include the following. 

  • When the key fob malfunctions
  • When you get a new key fob
  • In case one of your key fobs is stolen

Key fob programming is an easy task you can do by yourself using instructions from the car manual. However, if you decide to engage the services of a trained technician, reprogramming the key fob will cost you about $100.


Several problems can cause a Nissan Pathfinder’s remote start to fail, including low fuel level and a damaged key fob. Luckily, most of these issues are easy to resolve. For instance,  you can refill the car with fuel or get a new key fob. 

Remember that taking precautions such as always filling up your gas tank and regular car battery maintenance is smart because it helps prevent remote start failure. 

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