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RAM 1500 Remote Start Not Working – Common Causes And Fixes

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RAM 1500 Remote Start Not Working

The RAM 1500 remote start is essential because it allows you to start your car and preheat or cool it to avoid extreme temperatures. Hence, it is annoying when the feature stops working, and you must deal with harsh conditions while trying to fix the problem.

So why is the RAM 1500 remote start not working? Remote start can fail due to several issues, including 

  • Open doors
  • Faulty hood and door latch
  • Low fuel
  • Drained car battery
  • Damaged key fob

Though any of these issues can cause remote start failure, the most common reason is that the key fob’s battery is dead.

Read on to learn more about the issues that cause remote start to fail and how to troubleshoot and fix them.

Why Is RAM 1500 Remote Start Not Working?

Why Is RAM 1500 Remote Start Not Working

Several issues can cause your truck’s Remote Start to stop working. The most common issues include;

1. Remote start conditions not met

Here are the conditions that must be met for a remote start to work;

  • Activate the remote start option
  • Ensure you don’t press the PANIC button on the key fob at the same time
  • Turn off the hazard lights 

If any of these conditions aren’t met, you won’t be able to start your truck remotely.

2. You’re out of range

The maximum range for a RAM 1500 remote start is about 300 feet. If you’re farther away than this, you won’t be able to start your truck remotely.

3. Doors not closed properly

You must lock all your truck’s doors for the Remote start to work. Hence, if your key fob fails to work, check the dashboard ‘door ajar’ light to ensure all your doors are properly closed. 

If the issue persists after opening and closing all the doors properly, probably the vehicle has a broken latch that needs fixing.

4. Hood is open

Remote start has a feature that stops you from starting your RAM 1500 truck when the hood is open to prevent injuries in case someone is working under it. Sometimes the remote start refuses to work even though you’ve closed the hood properly because of a faulty hood latch.

5. The gear stick is in the wrong position

If the gearshift is not in the PARK position, the Remote Start feature won’t work. In this case, you must go to the car and start it physically.

6. Active alarm system

RAM 1500 Truck Active alarm system

Remote Start on a RAM 1500 doesn’t work when the alarm system is active since that usually means you’re not nearby. 

7. The key fob battery is low

The key fob needs enough power to generate and send electromagnetic signals to the vehicle. Hence, if your key fob’s battery is drained, you won’t be able to start your car from afar. The most common sign that the battery is nearly drained is when the feature starts working erratically.

8. Faulty key fob

If the batteries aren’t why has your remote start failed, the key fob is faulty, or probably has some damaged circuits? In this case, you should take the remote to a professional for repairs and reprogramming. 

9. The truck’s battery is drained

RAM 1500 truck's battery is drained

There are several reasons for the remote start to fail if your RAM 1500 battery is low, including; 

  • The battery powers the onboard computer, without which remote starting is impossible.
  • The battery provides the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine to start the car.

A low battery will cause the remote start feature to work erratically. On the other hand, if the battery is drained or dead, the remote start won’t work at all.

10. Low fuel

Remote start doesn’t work when your RAM 1500 truck is low on fuel. When you start your car remotely, you don’t see the dashboard fuel level indicator, so you won’t know if you have enough fuel. Hence, preventing remote starts saves drivers from getting stranded.

10. Check engine light is on

The check engine light typically turns on when there are issues with the engine that need to be fixed. Since ignoring the engine light can lead to serious damage, the remote start is programmed to stop working whenever the check engine light is on. This way, the driver gets to see the light early and prevent further damage to the engine.

How Does Remote Start Work On Ram 1500?

How Does Remote Start Work On Ram 1500

Generally, when you press the RAM 1500’s remote star button, it emits a signal that tells the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to ignite the engine. The Remote Start system comprises the following components;

1. Key fob 

This is essentially the remote control that allows you to send commands to your vehicle remotely. 

2. Antenna and receiver

The vehicle has an antenna and receiver that captures the key fob’s incoming signal and relays it to the computer.

3. Vehicle computer

The vehicle’s computer/ Electronic Control Unit receives the signals from the key fob, processes and converts them into executable instructions. The computer also facilitates security authentication by reading the fob’s unique identification code to protect against theft or hacking.

How To Troubleshoot And Fix Remote Start Issues?

How To Troubleshoot And Fix Remote Start Issues

Here’s how to troubleshoot your RAM 1500’s remote start when it is not working;

  1. Ensure that you’re within 300 feet of the truck.
  2. Check whether you’ve pushed the PANIC button, which you should not. 
  3. Ensure the hazard lights are off, and that the remote start option is activated.
  4. Check the key fob’s battery and replace it if drained.
  5. Ensure the gear stick is at PARK.
  6. Check if the car alarm is activated and turn it off.
  7. Check the truck’s doors and ensure you closed them properly.
  8. Ensure the hood is closed properly.
  9. If the issue persists while doors and hood are properly closed, check their latches and repair any damaged ones.
  10. Check the truck’s fuel level. If you’re low on fuel, top it up.
  11. If the remote start still doesn’t work, check the truck battery. You can use a voltmeter to check the voltage level. If it’s below 12.4V, charge the battery.
  12. If remote starting still doesn’t work after all these fixes, the key fob is probably faulty and needs a replacement.

If your truck’s remote start doesn’t work after you try all the steps above, ask for help from a professional.

Tips To Help You Avoid Remote Start Issues

Tips To Help You Avoid Remote Start Issues

Here are some general tips that will help you avoid problems when using your RAM 1500’s remote start;

  • Always check the car battery level and the key fob’s battery.
  • Be aware of the remote start’s maximum range.
  • Take care of the key fob and ensure it remains in good condition. Keep it away from moisture and extreme heat, which can damage its circuits.
  • Address all issues promptly.
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Here are some answers to common questions about the RAM 1500 remote start feature. 

Q: What’s the price of a RAM 1500 key fob?

A new RAM 1500 key fob costs between $20 and $50, depending on where you buy it. If you don’t know how to program and pair the new key to your truck, you’ll have to hire a professional for about $100.

Q: What other things does Remote Start do? 

Though the main function of your RAM 1500’s Remote Start is to start the truck, you can use it to do other things, including;

  • Lock and unlock doors from a distance
  • Activate and deactivate your vehicle’s climate control
  • Defrost windows
  • Open the trunk
  • Find your vehicle in crowded areas
  • Track stolen cars using GPS
Q: Can I remote start RAM 1500 with Uconnect?

You can use the Connect app to start your truck remotely by entering the PIN and pressing the start icon.


Remote start is a feature that allows you to start your truck from a distance and preheat or cool it during harsh weather. The remote start can fail due to improperly closed doors, drained batteries, damaged key fob, and low fuel, among other issues. 

Fortunately, most problems that cause the remote start to stop working, are easy to fix. However, if you try to fix the problem and fail, ask a professional for help.

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