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Viper Remote Start Not Working- Causes And Solutions

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Viper Remote Start Not Working

Nowadays, most car owners use remote start for their vehicles, as it increases their sense of security. Among those remote starts, Viper remote start is one of the most popular. However, you may face some problems with it, and the remote start not working is the most common among them.

So, why is my Viper remote start not working, and how do I address it? The most common cause is that your remote might be in a valet mood or running out of battery. Usually, you can get your remote out of valet mode by pressing the key button twice. And, for a battery problem, you have to replace it.

Nevertheless, various causes can stop your Viper remote from starting. We will discuss these reasons and also share the probable solution with you. So, let’s keep reading!

Overview of Viper Remote Start Stopped Working: Causes And Solution

Viper Remote Start Stopped Working

We have shared a quick view of the possible causes of why your Viper remote start is not working, along with their solutions, in the table below.

Causes Solutions
Mispressed ButtonsHold the lock button for a while and unlock it afterward
Repair Work on AutomobileReprogram or reinstall the remote
Valet Mode OnUse the function key
Dead Battery ProblemChange the battery
Defective or Rusty Hood Pin Repair the broken hood pin
Bad TachReprogram the tach
Flushing Hazard LightSwitch the hazard light off

Why Is Your Viper Remote Start Stopped Working? Causes And Solutions

Issues with Viper remote start are common and annoying. Especially during winter, when your car handle could be frozen, if your Viper Remote Start stops working, it could be a big problem.

Causes of Viper Remote Start Stopped Working

However, some common factors can cause this issue. So, let’s do an overview of those reasons and their solutions. 

Mispressed Button Problem

Your Viper remote is relatively new, and everything is okay with it. If the start is still not working in this situation, then you may have pressed the buttons the wrong way.


You can simply solve this by resetting the remote. Hold the “lock” and “unlock” buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. 

Repair Work on Automobile 

When you do some repair work on your car, some functions will reset. If your remote’s installed program also gets reset, it won’t respond when pressing the button. 

Viper Repair Work on Automobile


To address this problem, you need to reinstall or reprogram the remote. But for this, you have to take the remote and the car to the person who installed it in the first place. The reason is reinstallation, or reprogramming methods will depend on the initial process used by the installer. 

Valet Mode On

Valet mode is used to lock the remote. If you or anyone else pressed the combination of buttons to activate the valet mode, your remote would stop working. 


To get out of this, you simply need to press the remote’s function key twice and then the unlock key again.

Let’s watch a YouTube video to make it easier to understand:

There is another way to try if this one is not working for you. You have to follow a few steps discussed here properly.

  • Step 1: Get into your car and put the key in the ignition.
  • Step 2: You will see that the remote brain is blinking. 
  • Step 3: Carefully count how many times the brain has flushed.
  • Step 4: You need to turn the ignition on.
  • Step 5: Press the brake pedal the same number of times that the brain flushed.
  • Step 6: You will see that the module is blinking twice, and the valet mode will be switched off.

You can also watch this YouTube video if you need to visualize the procedure:

Dead Battery Problem

Any battery will wear down over time. The Viper remote start battery will also start to be less effective after 2 to 3 years. Finally, it will die, and the remote start will not work. 


If your remote start is older than 2 years and you are having this problem, you just need to replace the old batteries to address this problem. Usually, the one-way Viper remotes use an A23 or CR2032 battery.

To change your battery, you should follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Remove the back cover of your Viper remote start.
  • Step 2: Notice the attached battery, and you will see the battery model on its surface.
  • Step 3: Buy the same model of battery.
  • Step 4: Slip out the old battery and slip in the new one in the same place.
  • Step 5: Put the back cover in its place. 

Let’s watch a YouTube video to visualize the method properly:

Defective or Rusty Hood Pin

If your car’s hood pin is rusted out or broken, the cable plug will not go into it. So, it will give the remote start a signal that the car’s hood is open. Hence, the Viper remote start will not work.  


You can efficiently resolve it by changing the old hood pin of your car. If you have done that before, then buy the properly sized one and replace it. If you’ve never replaced a hood pin before, take your car to the nearest mechanic and let him do the work.

Bad Tach Problem

A tachometer or tach measures the operating speed of the engine. It uses magnetic properties. Hence, while getting older, the connection will get weaker. So, when you try to start the car with the remote, the remote will show a signal but die out the next moment. This is when you need to reprogram it.

Viper Bad Tach Problem


You need to put the car key in to start the vehicle and put your foot on the brake pedal. Now, start the remote. You will notice the park lights flash once. That is, your tach is reprogrammed, and your Viper remote start will start to work again.

If your Viper remote start isn’t working as expected, you’re not alone in dealing with this frustrating issue. Similar remote start problems might also arise in other models, like the Subaru Forester and Hyundai vehicles, which could also have issues with their remote start functionality. For Subaru Forester owners experiencing starting problems, our article on Subaru Forester won’t start provides insights into potential causes and solutions. Furthermore, if you’re facing remote start problems with a Hyundai vehicle, our article on Hyundai remote start not working offers guidance for diagnosing and resolving this specific issue. By exploring these resources, you’ll be better equipped to troubleshoot and address remote start concerns and starting challenges effectively.


Let’s know some common related issues of why your Viper remote start is not working.

Can I remote start my car while the hazardous light is flashing?

No, you cannot. A hazard light is an indicator that your car is not in a suitable position to start. 

What will happen if I remote start my car unknowingly?

Your car will run out. However, the distance will depend on the car’s model and manufacturer. Also, your car may stop at any time between 10 to 20 minutes.

Will my Viper remote start stop working if my car is not in “Park”?

Certainly, your remote start will not work in this condition. It will not work unless your car is in a safe position to start.

Final Words

Viper remote start not working usually occurs due to pressing the combination key for the lock. It may also happen due to the weary battery. Thus, you need to check the health of your remote start.

However, we have discussed the solution to the probable reasons for this problem. They are not tough to address and are not that expensive. So you can mend the problem without any major trouble. Good luck!

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