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Cadillac SRX Remote Start Not Working- What’s The fix?

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Cadillac SRX Remote Start Not Working

Remote starts help to start the engine from far even before you enter the car. But, troubles might often appear while operating the remote start. 

Now what are the reasons behind the Cadillac SRX remote starting to stop working? It must be because you have not pressed the buttons correctly, the battery is down, you must have attempted too many presses, or the engine connections are loose. Well, check the battery first and move forward with other solutions. 

Below, the arising problems which cause the remote start to not work are included. It would help you to fix the remote start problem and to proceed forward.

Overview of the Cadillac SRX Remote Start Not Working Reasons And Solutions 

Cadillac SRX Remote Start Not Working Reasons

Below are the reasons behind the Cadillac SRX remote start not working with possible solutions added. 

Reason Solution 
The battery in the keyfob is dead Change the battery.
Continuous attempted remote start Wait for a few seconds and attempt again
The door was not locked previously Lock the car first, then attempt to remote start
Improper remote start Follow the process of a remote start. First, press the lock button and then the circle button. Lastly, hold the circle button for 3 seconds. 
The engine light is onTurn the engine light off
In valet modeExit from the valet mode
Remote start has shut down Check the manual to find out what other reasons that cause the shutdown or visit professionals. 
Not in park modeMove to the park mode

The Cadillac SRX Remote Start Not Working: Causes and Solutions In Detail

Cadillac SRX Remote Start Not Work

This section will provide a detailed solution to the problems. Now, let’s get into the details.

Battery Is Dead

When the battery of the keyfob goes down, the remote start would not work at all. You might not be able to open the car. Even if you do so, the car will not start.


To solve the issue simply change the battery of the key fob. 

  • To replace the battery, first take a screwdriver. 
  • Then, pull out the key from the fob and again push it in a bit. You should not push it completely, rather only 1 cm inside the keyhole. 
  • Then put pressure upwardly on the backside of the keyfob. This will separate the back cover.
  • The battery will be exposed, now you can pull it out and replace it. Afterward, cover the keyfob with the back cover, and the replacement is done. 

If you do not have a spare battery, use the valet key to open the door. The valet key is just located in the key fob. You need to pull it and use it as a key to the car door. 

After opening the car, you can try putting the key fob in the transmitter pocket. Following that, the car will start. 

The Door Not Locked Previously

The remote start would not work if the car’s door was not locked properly. Or even when the car hood is not closed, the remote start would not be able to operate then. 


  • Close the door and hood and perform the remote start. 

Continuous Attempted Remote Start

Generally, a remote start would not work if you make a continuous attempt by pressing it. Even two consecutive remote start attempts are enough to stop the function’s operation.

Cadillac SRX Remote Start


Turn the ignition on and off by using your Cadillac SRX’s key. Afterward, try remote start to check. 

You can also wait for 10 minutes as the engines will automatically shut down. Because when 10 minutes are passed after starting the engine with a remote start, the engine shuts off automatically if the driver does not enter the car. 

You would need the engine to relax before work as you’ve already made a mistake.

Improper Remote Start 

If you don’t follow the proper process to start your Cadillac SRX’s engine remotely, the engine won’t start. 


  • Hold the key fob in the direction of the car. 
  • Press the lock button once. 
  • After that, press the circle button and hold for 3 seconds. The car engine will start. 
  • Sometimes, you might need to hold the button for 1-2 seconds more, just in case the car is not detecting the operation. 

Engine Light On 

When the check engine light is on, the remote start would not operate. Well, due to the malfunction in the engine, the check engine light often turns on. It’s an indication of malfunctioning in a car.

Cadillac SRX Remote Engine Light On


Turn on the scanner, it might fix the engine light. Moreover, when the gas cap is not tightened, the engine light will detect it. Fix the gas cap, and the engine light will go off.

Also, any loose connection in the engine should be fixed to operate the remote start. 

The Key FOB Is in Valet Mode 

The remote start shuts down when the valet mode is on. You might have unintentionally started the valet mode by pressing random buttons.


Exit from the valet mode by following the steps below. 

  • Press the lock and trunk buttons in the key fob at the same time. 
  • If you are in the car, turn the ignition on first. 
  • Otherwise, check the manual of the car. Every car might have a different option for exiting the valet mode.

Not In Park Mode 

The remote start only works when the car is in park mode. 


Put the car in park mode. There are buttons beside the center console. activate the park mode by pressing the ‘p’ button. There will be a light indication that the park mode is on. 

Remote Start Has Shut Down

The remote start can shut down if you randomly press the buttons on the key fob. Also, other problems in the engine or operations would shut it off.

Cadillac SRX Remote Start Has Shut Down


Activate the remote start after waiting for a few minutes. It’s only applicable when you have lost all the options for entering the key. 

  1. For this, open the car with the new keyfob, which is programmed beforehand. 
  2. Next, put the key in the keyhole and turn it to the left five times. This will exhibit a message on the dashboard saying “remote learning pending”. Now wait for 10 minutes. 
  3. Then the dashboard will go off, and you need to close the car and open it to light the dashboard on. Now, the dashboard appears with another message “Press the engine start button”. Now press the engine start button and again wait for 10 minutes. 
  4. After 10 minutes have passed, repeat the previous step and again wait for 10 minutes.
  5. Lastly, light up the dashboard and press the start button after 10 minutes have passed. 
  6. Now the message will change to “ready for the remote start”. Then, put the transmitter in the transmitter pocket.
  7. Afterward, press the start button and pull out the transmitter.
  8. Next, press the lock button on the transmitter, and keep on pressing the engine start button for 12 seconds.
  9. Finally, test the remote start. Well, this procedure can vary in different Cadillac SRX model years. 

Aside from this, check the engine to see if that has any problem. Once the problems are fixed, the remote start will work again.

Certain operations, such as valet mode, can turn off the remote start. In this case, turning off the operations can help. 

If you’re experiencing remote start issues with your Cadillac SRX, you may also find our article on Volkswagen Tiguan remote start not working helpful. This article provides insights into common problems and potential solutions for remote start issues in Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles. Additionally, if you own a Nissan Altima and are facing remote start problems, you can refer to our article on Nissan Altima remote start not working.


Let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions by you guys. 

How To Find The Key If The Remote Start Is Not Working?

In case of emergency when the remote start is not working, you can use the key to open the car. Well, the key always comes inserted in the key fob.

To bring out the key, press the button on the side of the keyfob. Hold it, and at the same time, pull the key from beneath the keyfob. The key will come out, and you can open the car with it.

Can you start Cadillac from the phone? 

Yes, the Cadillac SRX has a smartphone remote start. You need to install the “mycadillac” app, which enables you to perform remote start from the smartphone. 


Overall, when the Cadillac SRX remote start not working, there is a chance that the remote start is not identified. 

When the key becomes undetectable, warning lights will turn on. However, the reason can be a low battery, due to the check engine light, or other malfunction in the keyfob or in the car engine.

Furthermore, solutions should be adopted after recognizing the problems. Start fixing the common problems, and at last, if nothing works, consult professionals. Remember to program the remote start first. Otherwise, that would not work at all. 

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