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Volkswagen Tiguan Remote Start Not Working

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Volkswagen Tiguan Remote Start Not Working

Remote start helps to begin the engine even before you enter the car. And in Volkswagen Tiguan, one can use both the keyfob and phone to remote start from far. Nevertheless, the remote start needs to be activated prior to use.

Well, what if the Volkswagen Tiguan remote starts not working? The remote start might not work if the check engine light is on, the battery is dead, the car is not locked or in valet mode, and so on. That’s why, it is necessary to check all the conditions related to the remote start to find a solution. 

Sometimes even if you do fix all the problems, still the remote start would not work. At those times, you should definitely consult a professional. Prior to that, try all the possible solutions which are included below. 

Table: Volkswagen Tiguan Remote Start Not Working Reason And Solution 

Volkswagen Tiguan Remote Start Not Working Reason

Below the table shows the reasons behind the remote start not working and the solutions to overcome the problem. 

In valet mode Opt out of the valet mode
Car out of range Maintain the range 
Hazard Indicator Lights OnShut it down 
Dead battery in the keyfob Change the battery 
Check the engine light on Fix the engine light
Trunk and doors open Close the trunk and doors
Gaslight on Check the gas level
Improper remote start Follow the proper procedure 

Volkswagen Tiguan Remote Start Not Working: A Detailed Discussion

Volkswagen Tiguan Remote Start Not Work

Above, the short solutions for the possible reason behind the Volkswagen Tiguan remote start not working are included. And in this section, the solutions are described in detail to help you out.

1. In Valet Mode

When the car is in valet mode, certain safety features would become disabled. And remote start is one of them. In order to let the remote start work, you have to disable the valet mode first. 


To disable the valet mode, press the lock and trunk buttons at the same time. When the flashlights blink, it ensures the car is not in valet mode anymore. 

2. Car out of range 

The remote start will not function if the distance from the car to the key fob is not within the range. Well, the VW manual shows the maximum range is ¼ mile. But it’s only applicable in open spaces. 

Many users find Volkswagen Tiguan Remote to start working fine within the range of 20 to 125 feet in crowded places. Well, it is wise to use the key fob for short distances. 

Volkswagen Tiguan Car out of range


Be in the range and remote start the car. 

3. Hazard Indicator Lights On

Hazard indicators do not let the remote start to work. Due to the hazard indicator, the car would not be able to recognize the keyfob’s presence. That’s why, shut it off to let the remote start work. 


In order to shut the hazard indicator, press the triangle button just located in the center. It is a triangle sign which symbolizes hazard. When the hazard light is on, the size will also light up. And when it goes off, the sign will again come back to normal. 

4. Dead Battery In The Keyfob

The remote start becomes unable to operate when the keyfob battery is dead. In order to fix this, you just need to put the new battery in the keyfob.

Volkswagen Tiguan Dead Battery In The Keyfob


To change the battery, pull out the back door of the keyfob. This will expose the battery. Remove the battery and replace it with the new one. And put the back door again in place. Now, try to remote start with the keyfob. 

5. Check Engine Light On 

The common reason why the remote start does not work is because the engine light is on. Well, the check engine light can remain on if the gas cap is loosened or the gas level is reduced. Also, when there are loose connections in the engine. 

However, you need to check the engine thoroughly so that the engine light goes off. 


Generally, scanning can get rid of the check engine light as well. To scan, an obd2 scanner is needed. Find the obd2 port which is located just at the footwell. Or just at the place where you keep your knees while driving. 

Attach the scanner to the port and turn the engine on. This will give an error code. Afterward, search the code and find the problems so that you can solve them. 

Or else do an inspection and find out the reason behind the check engine light on. It’s better if you contact the Volkswagen service center for an inspection to avoid any further problems. Otherwise, do an inspection reset. 

First, turn off the car and turn on the hazard button.

Afterward, press the 00/ reset button beneath the dashboard and press the brake. At the same time, turn on the car. 

Lastly, press the okay button on the wheel steering and the inspection will reset.  

Otherwise, correct the gas level or fix the broken cap. Well, the check engine can turn on if the gas level is too low or there is no gas available. You need to check the level and fill the tank.

On the other hand, a broken cap lets the gas fumes go out and which can also damage the other part of the vehicle. The cap is generally sealed. But if it’s open, the check engine light will get triggered. 

Make a thorough observation of the engine and check the connections. Once the check engine light is off, the remote start would begin to work. 

6. Trunk And Doors Open

The remote start would also not work if the trunk is open. Generally, when the car is locked, the trunk would close automatically. 

But if you did not lock the car properly, the car trunk would remain open. 

Also, the Volkswagen Tiguan has sensors on the trunk. This allows it to detect the presence of people working beneath it. 

Apart from that, if the trunk has a faulty latch, it would not close. Even if you have closed the trunk, the remote start would not be able to detect it. 

Volkswagen Tiguan Doors Open


Make sure the trunk is closed. Also, fix the sensors and latch of the trunk if it has been damaged. Make sure the trunk is in proper condition so that it does not get opened in the midway of the road. 

7. Gaslight On

Gaslight mainly gets turned on when the gas level is not enough to run the car. As long as the gaslight is on, the remote start would not work.


Fill the gas tank up to a sufficient level. After that, the gaslight will go off and the remote start would operate.

8. Improper Remote Start 

Well, the different brands come with different keyfobs and have different features. And the attempts to begin the remote start are also different in each brand. Instead of making continuous attempts to remote start, do the right attempt.

Volkswagen Tiguan Improper Remote Start


To remote start press the lock button once and the remote start button twice. Then the headlights will flash as the engine starts. 

9. Not In Park Mode 

Well, Volkswagen Tiguan generally comes with an auto parking mode. Still, if the park mode is not working, the remote start would not work either. 


Enable the park mode. 

For this, press on the break. At the same time push up the handle just in front of the gear shaft. There is a “p” written on that part. And afterward, the light will go on as an indication of turning the park mode on. 

How Do You Remote Start Volkswagen Tiguan?

How Do You Remote Start Volkswagen Tiguan
  1. In order to remote start in the Volkswagen Tiguan, you have to hold the keyfob at a limited distance. So, the car can detect the key.
  2. Afterward, press the lock button once and the remote start button twice. This will activate the engine and the flashlights will blink as an indication. 

If you want to stop the engine, press the remote start once. It would stop the engine immediately and would get the car locked.

What To Do When The Volkswagen Tiguan Key Fob Fails?

What To Do When The Volkswagen Tiguan Key Fob Fails
  1. You can reset the keyfob or consult the professionals if the keyfob fails. In order to reset the keyfob, the master key is required. 
  2. First, press the lock or unlock button once. Or you can reset the keyfob after unlocking the car. 
  3. Afterward, open the car with the master key and unlock it. Then lock the door again. This will reset the keyfob of the vehicle. 
  4. Or else you need to first open the car with the master key and hold the unlock button on the keyfob for a minute. And then, open the car and put the key on the ignition. This will take a few seconds to reset or reprogram the keyfob. 
If you’re experiencing remote start issues with your Volkswagen Tiguan, you may also find our article on Nissan Altima remote start not working helpful. This article provides insights into common problems and potential solutions for remote start issues in Nissan Altima vehicles. Additionally, if you own a Chevy Malibu and are facing remote start problems, you can refer to our article on Chevy Malibu remote start not working.


Let’s go through some of the commonly asked questions by you guys. 

Q: Does all the Tiguan have remote start?

Yes, all the Volkswagen Tiguan has remote start facilities. Especially the new models that come with pre-installed remote start features. 

Q: Can I start Volkswagen Tiguan from my phone?

Yes, it is possible to use the phone to start the car. Here, you need to connect the phone to the car. Well, the method is facilitated through the use of the “my VW” app. 

Q: How many times can a remote start be performed consecutively?

Not more than two remote start attempts should be done consecutively to start the engine. And after ten minutes the engine will automatically go off. 


Overall, the reason behind the Volkswagen Tiguan remote start not working is not tough to diagnose. Moreover, the most common remote start problems are check engine light on and faulty attempts of a remote start. 

Furthermore, many might face the remote start problem in a manner that there would be no other choice left than resetting the keyfob. And in extreme cases, when there is no solution available, go for professional consultancy. 

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