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8 Common Causes of VW Bluetooth Not Working With Solution

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VW Bluetooth Not Working

If you own a VW and are having Bluetooth communication problems, the annoyance of a broken system may rapidly ruin your driving enjoyment. To resolve the Bluetooth issues, you must diagnose the reasons first. So, why is the VW Bluetooth not working?

There are several reasons why this can be the case. such as outdated software configurations, Bluetooth connectivity issues, or interference from other devices.  Keep in mind that these are but a handful of the possible causes. A good diagnostic is required in order to pinpoint the exact issue and continue with the required repairs.

That’s not the end. You should know the solutions to stop the noise. Go through the article to learn the solutions to the problems.

8 Common Causes of VW Bluetooth Not Working

Common Causes of VW Bluetooth Not Working

The followings are some major causes of your VW Bluetooth not working:

Cause 1: Obsolete Software

In Volkswagen automobiles, obsolete software is one of the main reasons for Bluetooth communication problems. Your VW car’s Bluetooth functioning is controlled by software, which might become buggy or incompatible with more recent Bluetooth devices if it isn’t updated often.


It’s critical to make sure that your VW car and your Bluetooth-capable gadget have the most recent software upgrades in order to fix this. 

Cause 2: Bluetooth Connection Problems

The problem with pairing is another frequent cause of VW Bluetooth malfunction. Establishing a safe connection between your VW car and a Bluetooth-enabled device is done through the Bluetooth pairing procedure. Connection issues may arise if the pairing procedure is not carried out properly or if the pairing data is inconsistent.

Causes of VW Bluetooth Not Working


  • At first check that you have adhered to the proper pairing process provided in your VW owner’s manual. 
  • In case of troubleshooting pairing difficulties. Normally, this entails turning on Bluetooth on both your device and your VW car. 
  • Use the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone to look for accessible devices, and then pick your VW car from the list.

Cause 3: Disruption from Other Devices

Other devices producing signals nearby may interfere with Bluetooth signals, which operate within a restricted frequency band, and prevent devices from connecting.


Start by locating any potential interference sources in your immediate environment before you take any other action. Cordless phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, and other Bluetooth-capable appliances are typical offenders. While a Bluetooth connection is taking place, go away from these devices, switch them off, or make sure they aren’t actively sending out signals.

Cause 4: Compatible Devices

Compatibility issues with devices are one of the frequent causes of VW Bluetooth issues. Compatibility difficulties may arise because of the Bluetooth firmware or software versions on the VW system.

And the devices are not entirely compatible with one another. There are restrictions on how many devices may be linked at once with some VW Bluetooth systems.

Compatible Devices


  • Make sure that the VW Bluetooth system is compatible with the Bluetooth device you plan to use.
  • Ensure that the most recent software version is installed on both your device’s operating system and the VW Bluetooth system.
  • To restore the Bluetooth device’s connection, restart both your VW car and it.
  • Try connecting them again after clearing the list of linked devices on both your Bluetooth device and your VW system.

Cause 5: Power or Battery Problems

Volkswagen Bluetooth does not function as intended might also be attributed to battery or power-related issues. Connection problems may occur if your Bluetooth-enabled gadget or your VW car has low batteries or inadequate power.

Power or Battery Problems


Make sure the Bluetooth device and the battery in your VW are fully charged.

  • To fix any temporary power-related difficulties, restart both your VW car and the Bluetooth device.
  • To guarantee that the Bluetooth system has enough power, unplug any superfluous gadgets that are currently powered by the vehicle’s power supply.
  • By first unplugging the battery for a short period of time, then reconnecting it, you may reset the Bluetooth module in your VW car.

Cause 6: Bluetooth Configurations

The flawless operation of your VW vehicle’s Bluetooth system depends on properly configuring the Bluetooth settings. Misconfigurations or incorrect settings might cause connection problems that make pairing difficult.

Car Bluetooth Configurations


  • Make sure that both the VW system and the device have Bluetooth enabled and configured correctly.
  •  Re-pair the selected device after erasing any previously paired devices from the VW system.
  • Reset the device’s Bluetooth or network settings, then try to rejoin.
  • Make that the Bluetooth software and operating system are up to current on the device.
  • Reset the VW system to factory settings, then re-enable Bluetooth communication.

Cause 7: Explicit Paired Devices List Issue

There could be a maximum number of devices that can be expressly associated with the VW Bluetooth system.  Or perhaps the pairing procedure wasn’t carried out properly for the particular device. The explicitly linked devices list issue might be brought on by a bug in the VW Bluetooth system itself.

Car Paired Devices List Issue


  • Remove any undesired or incompatible devices from the VW Bluetooth system’s explicitly linked devices list.
  • To resolve any setup errors, do a system reset on the VW vehicle’s Bluetooth system.
  • Remove the required device from the list of explicitly paired devices, then pair it again using the proper steps.
  • Make that the most recent firmware or software upgrades are updated on the VW Bluetooth system and the gadget.

Cause 8: Bluetooth System Reset Issue

All associated devices will typically be deleted from memory when the Bluetooth system is reset. It’s critical to be aware of potential difficulties that can occur and how to fix them if you’re having trouble with your VW vehicle’s Bluetooth system and thinking about a reset.

Bluetooth System Reset Issue


  • First you have to turn off the engine, open the driver’s side door, and wait a little while before resuming, you can do a system reset.
  • To create a new connection, remove the Bluetooth device from the vehicle’s system and repair it.
  • Look for any Bluetooth system firmware upgrades that are available and install them if required.
  • When accessing the Bluetooth settings, disconnecting the VW device, then rejoining, you may clear the Bluetooth cache on your smartphone.
  • Consult the owner’s handbook or get in touch with VW customer service if the problem continues.

These are the possible problems with their solutions if your VW bluetooth is not working.

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These are some commonly asked questions by people about VW Bluetooth issues.

Can I update Bluetooth?

You can, indeed. Activate the “Device Manager” When you look at the list of available devices. You should see at least one item under “Bluetooth” Choose “Update Driver” from the context menu. When you right-click the Bluetooth device, you wish to update.

How do I update my VW infotainment system?

All you have to do is visit your In-Car Shop in the infotainment system or the We Connect webshop. As a major user of We Connect, you may examine the Upgrades 1 available for your car here and easily buy them online.

How do you reprogram a VW?

While the ignition is still on, press and hold the lock button. Your remote VW key fob functionality should be restored once the red light on your VW key fob starts to flicker. The procedure of reprogramming may be repeated as many times as necessary.


It is crucial to take into account the frequent causes of VW Bluetooth troubles. Including outdated firmware, interference, device compatibility, power issues, and wrong settings. Fixing power-related issues, limiting interference from other devices, and ensuring device compatibility. Also, upgrading firmware and properly configuring Bluetooth settings are important answers.

Connectivity issues may also be solved by clearing the list of associated devices. If the problems continue, contacting VW service or the device manufacturer’s support is advised for more guidance. By addressing these problems and implementing the appropriate solutions, users may enhance their VW Bluetooth experience. Which will benefit them from seamless communication in their vehicles.

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