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VW Tiguan Radio Not Working: How to Fix?

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VW Tiguan Radio Not Working

From distorted sound from the radio to the stereo not working at all, various radio issues are common for Volkswagen Tiguan owners. While you have the option to get an aftermarket head unit, it’s most cost-effective to repair the existing one instead.

To help you enjoy uninterrupted audio, we’ll address the VW Tiguan radio not working issue. Your VW Tiguan’s radio won’t work if it has blown fuses, broken wires, or a malfunctioning antenna or tuner. If the amp or speaker goes bad and the anti-theft system is turned on, it will cause the stereo to malfunction. A reset might solve the issue instantly.

Let’s dive in and find out the potential reasons why the factory-installed radio on a VW Tiguan stops working.

Volkswagen Tiguan Radio Stopped Working: Causes and Fixes

Volkswagen Tiguan Radio Stopped Working

Before we get into the details, let’s take a quick look at the roots of this issue and what’s the easy way to fix it.

Blown FuseLocate the fuse box and replace the blown fuse.
Broken WireRemove the stereo to repair or replace the broken wire.
Malfunctioning Antenna or TunerFix the faulty part or replace the whole component.
Faulty Amplifier or SpeakerGet professional help to repair or replace the faulty part.

Quick Fix Tip Before Digging Deep Other Reasons

As one Tiguan owner has pointed out, if your car radio isn’t working, the first thing you need to do is a hard reset. While it doesn’t make any changes if there are any faulty parts, it might fix minor issues with the head unit control panel. 

For this, 

  • First, turn on your car ignition and locate the power button on your control panel. 
  • Press and hold it for about 20 seconds to reset the system. 
  • While holding the power button, the car radio will turn off and restart, indicating a successful reset. 

If not worked, then check for the following issues. 

Blown Fuse

According to most experts and VW Tiguan owners, a blown fuse is the most common reason why the radio fails. The fuse prevents the overflow of electricity to protect the related parts of the system. 

Hence, it consists of fragile circuits that easily blow during a short circuit or power overflow. If the fuse that controls the radio circuit fails, it can disrupt power to the radio, causing it to stop working.

What Are the Symptoms?

With a blown fuse, there will be no power supply to the radio components. 

To detect the damaged fuse, you can connect a multimeter to the fuse and check for voltage. There will be no reading from the blown fuse.

Depending on the make and manufacturing year of your vehicle, the fuse might be located in the storage compartment under the steering wheel or inside the engine compartment. 

Refer to your vehicle’s fuse box diagram to know the exact location of the radio fuses.

VW Tiguan Radio Blown Fuse

How to Fix? 

Once you locate the fuse box, you can easily take out the damaged fuse. As these fuses are typically not fixable, you need to replace them with new ones of the same amperage rating. 

Extract the damaged fuse with your pliers and fit the new ones in its place.

Broken Wire

Similar to other electric components of your VW Tiguan, the stereo system also depends on a number of wires and cables for a stable power supply. 

In some cases, they also control the touch and volume functions. So, if it’s not a blown fuse, as per other Tiguan owners, the next thing you need to check for is a broken wire. 

What Are the Symptoms?

With a damaged wire, your vehicle’s power supply might be completely cut, causing the stereo not to turn on at all. In some cases, users have experienced issues like the touch screen not working and the display going black. 

VW Tiguan Radio Broken Wire

How to Fix?

In this case, you need to take off the radio from the storage compartment. After that, visually inspect the wires for damage or use a multimeter to check the power supply. Now, follow the steps given below:

  • First, remove the negative terminal of your car battery to cut off the power supply. Locate and separate the damaged portions of the broken wire. 
  • Use a wire stripper to strip half an inch of the coat. Now, take the exposed ends of each wire and twist them to get a firm wrap.
  • Use a tape of soldering iron to strengthen the connection between the broken wire heads. 
  • Once you’ve fixed the broken connection, reconnect the battery and see if the radio is starting again. In some cases, you might have to replace the wire instead of repairing it. 

Malfunctioning Antenna or Tuner 

As the radio antenna receives radio signals, a malfunctioning or incorrectly connected antenna can result in poor or no reception. Similarly, a faulty tuner can prevent the radio from properly tuning into stations or result in distorted or no sound.

What Are the Symptoms?

  • Poor or no radio reception
  • Stations fading in and out
  • Difficulty tuning to stations. 
  • Weak or distorted sound
  • There is no AM signal and limited stations. 
VW Tiguan Radio Malfunctioning Antenna

How to Fix?

Depending on the condition of the antenna or tuner, you need to either repair it, replace some of the antenna components, or get a new one. It’s best to leave the job to an expert mechanic, as repairing or replacement requires experience and expertise. 

The cost will vary based on the part you’re replacing. According to the official site for VW parts, the antenna assembly for a 2018 Tiguan is only around $120.

Faulty Head Unit and Amplifier

Even if other parts of the radio are working just fine, you won’t get any audio output if the amplifier and speakers are faulty. Moreover, the head unit itself might go bad causing the system to completely shut off.

What Are the Symptoms?

No sound or very low volume, distorted audio, and imbalanced sound are the key symptoms of a malfunctioning amplifier and speaker. If the head unit is faulty, all the components of the stereo will stop working. 

VW Tiguan Radio Faulty Head Unit and Amplifier

How to Fix?

To diagnose and fix the head unit, amp, and speakers of your VW Tiguan, you’ll need professional help. Contact your dealer or visit a local automobile fixing store to get your car diagnosed.

While the replacement amplifier costs $200- $500, the head unit replacement cost is around $300 to $1000. Speakers are way cheaper, with the price reaching up to $200.


In this section, we’ll answer some queries VW Tiguan owners often have regarding the radio not working issue.

Q. Why is my VW radio not working after the battery change?

Your VW radio may not be working after a battery change due to power interruption or loose wires connecting the radio and battery. 

Also, many VW vehicles have a security code that needs to be entered after a battery change. If the wrong code is entered multiple times, the radio may lock you out temporarily.

Q. Can the anti-theft feature cause my VW radio to stop working?

Yes, the anti-theft feature can cause your VW radio to stop working. If the radio detects that the power source has been interrupted (like during a battery change), it may activate the anti-theft mode, requiring a code for security purposes.

Q. Is the VW Tiguan radio expensive to repair?

The average repair cost for a VW Tiguan’s radio can vary widely depending on the specific issue and the location of the repair. If the issue is minor, such as a blown fuse or a loose connection, it costs around $100 to $200. When there are complex internal issues, the cost can exceed $500 or more.

Wrapping Up!

The VW Tiguan radio not working issue is mostly caused by minor damaged components such as a fuse or a wire. However, it can be a more severe issue with the vital radio components such as the antenna, amp, or speaker.

Follow our given fixes to easily solve the issue without spending much. If you’re unable to resolve the issue on your own, contact your VW dealership or a professional technician for assistance.

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