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Kia Remote Start Not Working – 13 Common Reasons

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Kia Remote Start Not Working

Kia’s Remote Start capability enables you to start your Kia remotely before you get near it. Though it may seem like a gimmick, remote start is useful when you need to cool or heat up your car before getting in. 

But why is the Kia remote start not working? Kia remote start can fail to start the car because of safety-related issues like an open hood and improperly closed doors. Or it could fail to start the car because of precautions like a check engine light. Sometimes, remote assist won’t work because you’re out of range or the key fob is damaged.

Keep reading to learn about what causes the Kia Remote Start to stop working and how you can troubleshoot and fix the system.

Why Is Kia Remote Start Not Working?

Why Is Kia Remote Start Not Working

Kia remote start can fail to work for many reasons, including the following;

1. Range

The signals emitted by the key fob are relatively weak, so they don’t travel very far. As a result, you have to be within 500 feet of your Kia to start it remotely.

2. Incorrect remote start procedure

Sometimes, Kia remote start fails because the driver uses an incorrect start procedure. If you are unsure about the start procedure, check your Kia’s manual for directions.

Kia Incorrect remote start procedure

3. Key fob battery issues

The remote start key fob draws power from a small battery to send signals to the car. If this battery dies, the fob can’t send any signal, so the remote start stops working.

4. Gear stick not on PARK

The gear shift must be on PARK for the remote start to work. Otherwise, you have to get to the car physically before starting it.

5. Open hood

Typically, when the hood is open, someone is working underneath. Hence, the Kia remote start system prevents the car from starting whenever the hood is open to prevent injuries. The car determines whether the hood is open or closed via a latch, and if this latch is damaged, the remote start won’t work.

6. Open doors

Whenever any door is open or improperly closed, Kia remote start stops working. A properly closed door activates a latch, which is how the car ‘knows’. If any of the door latches is faulty, the remote start won’t work.

7. Low fuel level

Kia remote start has a feature that prevents it from working whenever the car is low on fuel. This forces the driver to get to the car before igniting the engine, which saves fuel and reduces the chances of getting stranded. 

8. Low car battery

Kia Low car battery

Kia remote start doesn’t work if your car’s battery is low. This is because the car depends on the battery for two important things;

  • To power the onboard computer
  • To ignite the air-fuel mixture in the engine

When the car battery is low or completely drained, the onboard computer doesn’t work. Hence, the computer can’t process the start command from your key fob. Even if the weak battery has enough juice to power the onboard computer, it will probably fail to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the engine, so the car won’t start.

9. Damaged key fob

A faulty key fob is useless since it doesn’t send any signals to the car, so if yours is damaged, the remote start will not work.

10. Check engine light

The check engine light typically means that your car is experiencing engine trouble. Since it is imperative for the driver to see the check engine light, whenever it turns on, Kia remote start stops working.

11. You kept the key fob in the Kia

You kept the key fob in the Kia

Kia remote start sometimes won’t work if you have your key fob kept in the car.

12 Rapid attempts to use remote start

If you make several remote start attempts in a short period, the system will get jammed and stop working.

13. Hot coolant and low oil pressure

Hot coolant and low oil pressure can ruin your Kia’s engine. Hence, Kia remote start won’t work if your car has low oil pressure or if the coolant is too hot.

How Does Kia Remote Start Work?

How Does Kia Remote Start Work

Kia remote start works through a clever combination of technology in the wireless key fob and the car. The summary of how it works is that if you’re within range of the car, you can press a button on the key fob that instructs the car to start. Here’s a look at the details of how it works step by step. 

Step 1: Key fob

The remote control/key fob allows you to input a command, for example, ‘start engine’. This command is transmitted to the vehicle via a small transmitter within the key fob. 

Step 2: Antenna

Once the command signal leaves the key fob, it is received by the vehicle antenna, which transmits it to the receiver. This receiver converts it into a form the vehicle computer can understand.

Step 3: Electronic control unit (ECU)

The vehicle computer, or ECU, authenticates the signal before interpreting it into instructions that it sends to the relevant parts of the car for execution. The engine ignites and starts, thereby executing your remote start command.

How To Troubleshoot Kia Remote Start? 

How To Troubleshoot Kia Remote Start

If your Kia remote start is not working, here are a few processes you can take to troubleshoot and fix the issue;

  1. Ensure you’re within a range of 500 feet of the car.
  2. Check that you’re using the correct remote start procedure.
  3. If you make too many remote start attempts quickly, get into the car, insert the ignition key, turn it ON and then OFF. Remote start should work fine after that.
  4. Check the key fob’s battery and swap it if it’s dead.
  5. Are the doors properly closed? If they are, inspect the latches and ensure none is faulty. 
  6. Check whether the hood is properly closed. Is the latch in good condition? If not, repair it or have it replaced.
  7. Ensure the gear stick is on PARK.
  8. Check the fuel level. Since remote start won’t work with low fuel, you must top it up to an acceptable level.
  9. Check the car battery. If there are no visible problems, use a voltmeter to determine the battery’s charge. If the voltage reads below 12.4, that battery is flat, so you’ll have to recharge it.
  10. If the Kia remote start still doesn’t work, the key fob is most likely faulty. Reprogramming the key fob should resolve the issue, but if it still doesn’t work, you must replace it.

If the Kia remote start still doesn’t work after troubleshooting, it’s time to seek professional help.

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Here are some answers to common questions about Kia remote start.

Q: Can I install Remote Start on my manual Kia?

Yes, it is possible to install Remote Start on a manual Kia. However, since manual transmission vehicles have a clutch, their remote start systems are slightly complicated. Hence, you should seek professional help to ensure the system is safely installed and implemented.

Q: Other than Remote Start, what can the key fob do?

Besides starting your car afar, the key fob can also do the following things;

  • Activate air conditioning and climate control
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Help you track the car through GPS
  • Help you find your car in a crowded parking space
  • Open the boot
Q: Are Kia key fob replacements expensive?

No, Kia key fob replacements are not expensive. On average, you can buy a replacement Kia key fob for about $30.


Kia’s remote start capability is great because it lets you start your car remotely and allows you to heat or cool the car’s interior before you enter. Remote start may stop working due to various reasons, such as dead batteries, open car doors, low fuel, or a damaged key fob.

If your remote start fails, you can easily troubleshoot and fix it yourself. The fixes are as simple as putting the gear in PARK, ensuring the hood and all doors are closed, replacing the key fob’s battery, refueling the car, or getting a new key fob, among others.

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