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VW Atlas Remote Start Not Working (How To Fix!)

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VW Atlas Remote Start Not Working

VW Atlas is among the best luxury vehicles, with automated features that make it one of the best vehicles in the market. Modern VW Atlas uses a remote-control system to start the engine. However, the remote may fail to function.

So, why is my VW Atlas remote start not working? The remote may be faulty, with dead or weak batteries, or out of its sensitive range. Other times, the remote system may not be synced with that vehicle’s computer system. To fix this problem, restart and sync the computer and remote system. 

You can also manually troubleshoot the remote with simple steps. This guide will explore the common causes of VW Atlas remote start not working and how you can quickly fix it. Follow the steps and guidelines to improve most remote start problems.

VW Atlas Remote Start Not Working (How To Fix!)

A remote makes it easier to start the VW Atlas with a button press, even outside the vehicle. A faulty remote makes it hard to automate the operations within your car.

VW Atlas Remote Start Not Working

Let’s look at the various causes of your VW Atlas remote not working.

Faulty Or Dead Remote Batteries

Check the batteries before you head to interfere with the vehicle’s computer system. Your batteries might be dead or wrongly placed, causing the remote to fail.

Likewise, the battery might be rusty if you have exposed the remote to humid or wet conditions affecting the current flow.

Faulty Or Dead Remote Batteries


  1. Inspect the battery’s charge using a voltmeter. 
  2. Remove the batteries, hold the terminals to the cables from the voltmeter, and read the voltage value. If the voltage is below the recommended operation level, replace it with new batteries.
  3. If the battery has charged, but the remote start still doesn’t operate, check the battery terminals for rusty conditions. 
  4. Scrub the terminals to remove the dirt and rust.

A Faulty Remote

If the remote fails to function after inspecting and replacing the battery, there is a possibility that the remote is faulty or has a loose connection. You may notice that it works if you knock it on your palm, but the problem arises again with time.

A faulty remote will have problems with sensitivity, whereby you have to press the buttons with extra force. At times, the remote fails to operate when you are outside the vehicle, even if it’s within range.


  • Have the remote inspected by an electrical expert or return it to the VW manufacturer. Make use of the warranty if still within its range of use.
  • Only fix it if you have the knowledge and skills, as you may end up causing more damage.

Low Amounts Of Gasoline And Other Fluids

The remote fails to operate if the car is low on gasoline, coolant, or wiper fluid. Check the indicated error code against the specific problem. In most instances, it shows error code P0148, meaning the vehicle is low on fluids or gasoline and needs a refill.

Also, if you left the vehicle parked at an inclined angle causing the fluids to tilt at an angle, the remote start doesn’t sense.

VW Atlas Low Amounts Of Gasoline And Other Fluids


  1. Ensure the gas level is always topped up but not overfilled. 
  2. Keep the water and coolants filled frequently and avoid too long distances with low fluid levels.
  3. Park your vehicle on flat surfaces that are not inclined to avoid fluid tilting to one side.

An Error Code Due To An Evaporative Emission System Leakage

When there is a leakage in the evaporative emission system of your VW atlas, it sends an error code – P2407 on your screen. This code affects the system, and the remote start fails to operate normally.

The computer senses the leakage and shuts down the remote start as a safety measure until you repair the issue. 

You may also experience a similar error code if you overfill the gas tank, causing problems with the evaporative system. Therefore, staying within two clicks of the pump nozzle is advisable.

VW Atlas Remote Start Error Code


Use the OBD II diagnostic tool to scan for the error code on the screen

  • Plug in the device via a USB cable and press the scan button on the tool
  • Once it indicates the error, check its meaning to identify the exact problem
  • Use this link to check the trouble codes description
  • Fix the issue or have a mechanic repair it. Your VW atlas remote start should function properly now.

Faulty Computer System

This is one of the most common causes of remote start failure in your VW atlas. It is caused by wrong settings or viruses in the system through media and gadgets connected to the vehicle.

Once the system detects these malpractices, it locks its operating system prompting for synchronization.

VW Atlas Faulty Computer System


You need to reboot the system to default settings. Follow the below steps to reboot your VW Atlas.

Step 1: Long press the start button to ignite the vehicle without starting the car engine

 Step 2: Operate the system manually using the information press buttons on the steering

 Step 3: Press and hold the OK button for 5 – 10 seconds and release it

 Step 4: The service menu pops on the screen. Click on the engine code for more information

 Step 5: Select the reset choice and press the OK button

 Step 6: Switch off the Ignition, and your remote is good to go

You can also follow these other steps to reset your computer system.

Step 1: Turn the ignition key on but don’t start the car

Step 2: Switch on the lights on the inside and outside of your vehicle with the doors closed

Step 3: Press the lock button and hold it for 15 minutes

Step 4: A pop-up message will appear on the screen indicating “remote start ready”

Step 5: Press and hold the start button on the remote for 2 seconds, and your car will start

As a safety measure, you can install malware and virus protection software to safeguard your vehicle’s computer system.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Remote Start?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Remote Start

Using a remote to start your VW Atlas has the following benefits compared to using a key to start the engine manually.

  • It saves time as you can switch the car on and off when a few meters away while doing other tasks
  • It improves the safety measures of your car in case someone breaks in, as you can remotely control the vehicle to lock or even start the alarm
  • Using a remote means, you can access and operate the vehicle without getting inside
  • You can control the vehicle’s temperature using the remote, especially if you leave it under the sun and wants to cool it down
If you’re experiencing issues with the remote start function in your VW Atlas, you may also be interested in our article on Kia remote start not working. This article provides information on common problems with remote start in Kia vehicles and offers troubleshooting tips. Additionally, if you own a Ram 1500 and are encountering remote start issues, our article on Ram 1500 remote start not working might be helpful.


Here is the frequently asked question about a faulty VW Atlas remote.

Q: Can I Improve The Remote’s Sensitivity To Allow Control Even At Long Distances?

YES. The remote start is set to a range of 80 feet in radius. The VW extended range remote start kit can increase the range to a ¼ mile.
You can improve its sensitivity and range by ensuring no remote signals are blocking it. Visit Volkswagen’s official website for the kit.

Q: How Can One Know If They Are Within The Sensitivity Range Of The Remote?

Check the 2-way indicator light system on the key fob. The light indicator shines with a bright color. For the improved remotes, it tells you when you are in range and when exiting its strength range.

Q: Can I Remotely Control My VW Atlas Remotely Using My Phone?

YES. You only need to download and install the “My VW” app on your phone and register your vehicle using its VIN.
Verify the information by going to the menu – settings – VW car – net – registration services. Use the random code sent to your phone to verify and allow control access. You can now use your phone to control your VW atlas.
Watch this video on downloading, installing, and setting up the ‘myVW’ application.


The VW Atlas remote start failure is a common problem that affects the comfort of owning and driving a VW. It is caused by a weak or dead battery or a loose connection between the remote and the vehicle’s computer system.

It may also fail to function due to malware and virus attacks on the system. To fix these problems, restart or reboot the system using the guidelines above. If the remote start still doesn’t work, consider taking the vehicle to the manufacturer or a certified VW expert to have them repair your remote.

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